Hulu’s Best In Dough 2022 (Season 1): Meet the judges

Meet the Best In Dough judges
Meet the Best In Dough judges (Image via Instagram/chefmilliepeartree, artisanbryan, danieleuditi, thebesteunji)

Hulu's newest competition series, Best In Dough, will have pizza-obsessed contestants from diverse groups and backgrounds competing against each other in making unique flavored pizzas and pizza styles to win $10,000. Popular Bachelor Nation bartender Wells Adams will host the show and Chef Daniele Uditi will serve as the head chef of the show.

Other judges who will provide feedback and critique the participants' skills and culinary expertise on Best In Dough include chef Millie Peartree, comedian and food influencer Eunji Kim and baker Bryan Ford. The first three episodes are set to be released on Hulu on Monday, September 19 at 12:01 am ET, following which another three will be released next Monday, September 26, 2022.

The final four episodes can be binged on the platform on October 3, 2022. A press release for the show, as per PEOPLE, states:

"In a world where there seems to be little agreement on anything, there is one great unifier… the universal love of pizza."

More details on the Best In Dough Season 1 judges


Head chef Daniele Uditi will judge the contestants along with chef Millie Peartree, comedian and food influencer Eunji Kim and baker Bryan Ford. Each episode of Best In Dough will feature three contestants who will put their culinary skills forward and try to make the best pizzas in order to win a cash prize of $10,000 and the title.

Check out more details about the Best In Dough judges below.

1) Chef Daniele Uditi

Chef Daniele Uditi is a Los Angeles-based chef at Pizzana, a Neo-Neapolitan pizzeria in Brentwood. The chef is originally from Naples, Italy and was raised in a culinary family. His mother was a chef, his grandfather was a pastry-chef and his aunt was a bread-maker.

The Best In Dough judge began his career in the culinary industry at the age of 12. He began by cleaning pizza ovens and baking loaves of bread with his aunt at the family bakery and after gaining enough expertise, went for further training under numerous mentors, beginning with chef Rosanna Marziale at the Michelin-starred Le Colonne restaurant in Campania. He traveled to America in 2010 to work as a consultant chef for several Italian restaurants across L.A. What looked like a temporary stay turned into a permanent move.

Since then, he began making pizzas at private parties and cultivated his signature "slow-dough," prepared with a blend of Italian flavors. It was actor Chris O’Donnell, who introduced Daniele to the owners of Pizzana. The chef has earned critical acclaim, including a place for his restaurant Pizzana on the Los Angeles Times’ 101 Best Restaurants list.

2) Comedian and food influencer Eunji Kim

Eunji Kim is a Chicago-based comedian and writer. She widely performs stand-up in many public places, including The Lincoln Lodge and Laugh Factory. The comedian also worked at Cards Against Humanity as a senior writer.

She is a 2017 recipient of the Bob Curry Fellowship, which "is an opportunity to cultivate the best and brightest new voices in comedy and highlight their talent in the program’s culminating performance." Eunji Kim also co-hosts The Ajumma Podcast with fellow Chicago comedian/Korean Peter Kim.

The Best In Dough judge has several television appearances to her credit, including Chicago Fire (NBC), Chicago Med (NBC) and Work In Progress (Showtime). She has over 2K followers on social media and has hosted and produced several comedy shows. She continues to update her followers about the upcoming shows.

3) Baker Bryan Ford

The 33-year-old is a baker and cookbook author from Bronx, New York City. Bryan relocated to New Orleans, Louisiana when he was a newborn and was raised there. The professional baker, cooking show host, and cookbook author has made it his mission to let the audience see the beauty of bread and pastry.

However, Bryan wasn't always a professional baker. He spent seven years working as an accountant before following his food dreams, as per the Miami New Times. He and his friends held cooking classes and catered dinner parties.

The Best In Dough judge re-embraced the craft of baking after moving to Miami by selling bread to small businesses and markets. In 2018, he quit his job to volunteer at a local bakery and worked hard to find his way to success. His first cookbook was called New World Sourdough (2022) and another one called New World Baking is set to come out next year.

Bryan currently stars on the Discovey+ show Baked in Tradition where he "explores the techniques and traditions behind New York City's best baked goods, and how the city's diverse cultures put their own twists on simple ingredients to bring family and friends together, every time."

4) Chef Millie Peartree

Millie Peartree is a chef, digital creator and writer. She began cooking at a very young age, inspired by her mother and her time growing up in the southern United States. She is a contributing writer to the New York Times Cooking magazine, Delish, and has written various articles about affordable recipes for home cooks.

The Best In Dough judge is the founder of Millie Peartree Enterprises, a dessert company she began in 2009 inspired by her mother Millie Bell and her time growing up in the South.

Her desserts quickly gained the attention of various celebrities and as the demand for her food continued to grow, she started a pop-up restaurant at La Marina in NYC, which ultimately led to the start of her own catering company.

Apart from being a famous baker, the Bronx chef is also the founder of Full Heart Full Bellies, an initiative created to feed children in food insecure households.

The Best In Dough episodes will feature Nonnas (Italian grandmothers), social media influencers, mother-daughter duos, and chefs from Mexico, Japan, Brazil and America who will compete against each other to win the cash prize. Viewers will have to tune in to experience flavorful and delicious pizzas that will leave their mouths watering.

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