"I have deep admiration for Garcelle": Andy Cohen apologizes to Garcelle Beauvais after RHOBH reunion backlash

Andy Cohen apologizes to RHOBH star Garcelle
Andy Cohen apologizes to RHOBH star Garcelle (Image via Instagram/garcelle,bravoandy)

Bravo host Andy Cohen publicly apologized to Garcelle Beauvais after receiving backlash from fans following Part 2 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHOBH) Season 12 reunion.

During the RHOBH reunion, Lisa Rinna revealed that she was the one who threw away Garcelle's memoir, Love Me As I Am, and not Erika Jayne. Instead of addressing and comforting an emotional Garcelle, Andy joked about Lisa's recycling habits. Fans who witnessed the scene expressed their rage on social media.

Andy publicly acknowledged his mistake on his own radio show, Radio Andy, on SiriusXM. He confessed to having "deep admiration" for Garcelle and said:

"Everybody's been talking about the Beverly Hills reunion. And I just want to say, I've been listening to everyone's feedback about the reunion, and I really need to sincerely apologize, not only for diverting the topic but for not returning—even worse—to the serious conversation that was at hand."

What events in the RHOBH reunion led to the massive backlash against Andy Cohen?

Andy issues Garcelle an apology after his performance at the #RHOBH Reunion and teases that Kathy is clocking in 💎

In Part 2 of the reunion, Andy spoke to Garcelle about releasing her memoir Love Me As I Am. The host then asked Erika if she had skimmed through the book to find mentions of her name before throwing it into the trash. However, Lisa then revealed that she had thrown the book, not Erika.

Upon asking the reason behind it, Lisa stated that she and Garcelle had a "handshake agreement" that the "kids were off limits." She further said:

"So about a year and a half later, she put my daughter Amelia in her book...and..not in a positive light..but in a negative light..and that was what I did."

However, the RHOBH reunion host found it difficult to point out the book's problem as he felt Garcelle had only narrated what happened in the season. However, Lisa maintained that, in the book, her daughter should not have been portrayed in a negative light.

Garcelle clarified that after Lisa's lawyer addressed the issue with her manager, they made the book's second edition and an audio format, which was then put out as the final piece. Both the RHOBH ladies confessed that they had spoken to each other and moved on from the incident.

This was so uncomfortable to watch #RHOBH #RHOBHReunion

When Andy asked if Lisa had sent the picture to Erika, the reality star stated that she had sent the video to the group chat, a group that Garcelle was not a part of. Erika was disappointed with Garcelle using one of the lines from the series, showcasing the former in a negative light. She also decided to post the picture that Lisa sent to the group.

RHOBH star Garcelle was visibly emotional throughout the conversation. However, Andy then talked and joked about Lisa's recycling habits and moved on, which didn't sit well with fans. They took to social media to slam the host, with some asking Bravo to remove him permanently.

On his own radio show, Andy then acknowledged his mistake. He apologized and said:

“I have deep admiration for Garcelle. She and I had a really good, productive conversation last Thursday, and I should have been more in tune with her feelings. So, I just wanted to say that because I've been logging in and I get it."

How did RHOBH fans react to Andy Cohen's apology to Garcelle?

Fans, however, failed to believe his apology. Check out what some of them said on social media.

@PageSix Andy Cohen needs to make a Public apology on TV in front of Garcelle Beauvais coz no half-hearted apology will do. That apology he made on some podcast DIDN’T sound sincere. Garcelle deserve better, Andy Cohen do BETTER.
I wish we would say it right @Andy apologized to his followers to avoid losing their following not to @GarcelleB otherwise it wouldn’t be on a damn podcast and it wouldn’t have taken this long an immediate apology should’ve been made… not later on #rhobh
IDK it doesn’t feel like an apology. It feels more like a cleanup @Andy was ordered to do. Doesn’t feel genuine. Andy waited 5 days to address his own failings. Also, I am not sure what we the fans expect more out of Andy? Unbiased, holding ppl accountable, empathy…
Alternate headline: Andy Cohen forced to issue a meaningless apology after years of favoritism is depicted very clearly to millions of viewers…
Andy needs to be suspended without pay and Garcelle needs be compensated for her pain and suffering. An apology over his lil podcast is not enough. @NBCUniversal @BravoTV @Andy
@PageSix I need this apology to be on a bigger social media platform. I believe he owes us the viewer’s and supporters of this franchise one also. With that being said and in order to move forward LR needs to be FIRED! @Andy
@queensofbravo We the fans had to pry that apology out of @Andy
@lovebscott We will believe Andy Cohen's apology to Garcelle when we see evidence of him making sure that the antagonizers in the group do not return back in the next season. Otherwise it is just another fake housewives apology.#RHOBHReunion #RHOBH
@Pjgiano @LoveAndyC @wdrwoman11 I don’t buy @Andy apology. Why won’t he just say something on a broader platform like #wwhl and call himself the jackhole of the day
@queensofbravo Too little. Too late. I am disappointed that @Andy is aligning himself with the mean girls, Erika and Lisa. Needs to issue a much clearer apology. He has crossed lines.

The final part of the RHOBH reunion is set to continue this week on Wednesday, October 26, 2022, at 8 pm ET on Bravo. The episode is set to document the Lisa Rinna-Kyle Richards-Kathy Hilton drama. The preview clips have teased enough drama for viewers to tune into the same.

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