"I was at the end of my rope": Andy Cohen responds to backlash over his RHONJ reunion behavior towards Teresa Giudice

RHONJ reunion part 2 is premiering on June 6 (Image via Bravo)

In the latest episode of Andy Cohen's podcast, Andy Cohen Live, the host revealed that he was avoiding Twitter to avoid spoilers about Succession. However, upon his return to the social media platform, he was swamped with tweets criticizing his behavior towards Teresa Guidice during the RHONJ reunion.

After the release of the Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHONJ) reunion teaser, in which Andy Cohen is seen screaming at RHONJ star Teresa Guidice, fans have been quick to slam the host for favoring Joe Gorga during a heated argument between Teresa and her brother, Joe.

Cohen defended himself on the podcast, saying that he was “at the end of” his rope. He added that he believed it was a result of the RHONJ star, Teresa, not listening and constantly interrupting. He explained,

“I was at the end of my rope. Was it that she wasn't listening? I think, yeah. I think it’s a mixture of everything. Not listening, not respecting, my trying to let everyone speak. I mean, if you keep interrupting, at some point, I am gonna lose my sh*t and I don’t feel great about it.”

Andy Cohen apologized to Teresa Guidice soon after

In the world of reality television, drama and heated exchanges are nothing new. The Real Housewives franchise, known for its intense reunions, often brings out the worst in its cast members. However, it was recently the show's host, Andy Cohen, who found himself on the receiving end of fan backlash.

They were taken aback by his outburst directed at Giudice, a long-standing cast member of The Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHONJ). Cohen, known for his ability to keep things under control, seemed to have lost his cool.

"When I did go on, what I saw was a massive level of vitriol — I guess in the Jersey super tease, you see me losing my sh*t on Teresa [Giudice]. Teresa fans are very upset at me for losing my sh*t on Teresa."

Many RHONJ fans expressed their disappointment and called for Cohen to be removed from the show, at least temporarily.

However, Andy Cohen defended himself, explaining that fans do not understand the challenges he faces when managing several cast members on the show. He said,

“I think for all of you who are upset, have a seat in the middle of that for eight or 10 hours, and then let’s see how you handle it.”

On the podcast, he emphasized that the stress and intensity of managing reunions can push anyone to their breaking point. He acknowledged that he did not feel great about losing his temper.

While Andy Cohen recognized that his behavior was not ideal, he clarified that he doesn't enjoy speaking to women in such a way. He extended an apology for his actions and admitted that managing the Real Housewives franchise, especially the reunions, is not an easy task. He elucidated further,

"Look I don't, I don't like to raise my voice. I don't like to speak to a woman in a certain way and of course I apologize."

Andy Cohen, the creator of the Real Housewives franchise, has been hosting the reunions since the early 2000s. Over the years, he has had a few instances where he lost his cool with cast members.

As seen in the super teaser, RHONJ fans can anticipate a lot of drama to unfold. Tune in to Bravo TV to watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Part 2 on June 6 at 8 pm ET.

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