"I have to tell my mom": BTS' RM remembers his mother after President Joe Biden shares heartfelt advice with the group

A still of the K-pop idol (Image via @labels.hybe/Instagram)
A still of the K-pop idol (Image via @labels.hybe/Instagram)

Record-breaking K-pop boy group BTS created ripples on the internet with their recent visit to the White House to meet President Joe Biden and discuss issues such as anti-Asian hate crimes, Asian inclusion and diversity.

After meeting the POTUS and listening to his heart-felt advice as well as kind words, BTS leader RM was reminded of his mother, going on to say:

"Wow, I have to tell my mom."

The seven-member group also met Vice President Kamala Harris, who congratulated them on their successful reporting at the White House. President Biden, too, made the boys feel at home, when he said:

"This is one President who appreciates you."

Both fans as well as politicians have

applauded the group for their initiative to spread awareness and discuss important issues such as inclusion and diversity.

It was great to meet with you this week at the White House, @bts_bighit. The rise in anti-Asian hate crimes requires all of us to stand up, speak out, and give hate no safe harbor. Thanks for all you’re doing. It matters.

U.S. President Joe Biden praises BTS for creating social awareness on anti-Asian hate crimes and more

After concluding their live activities, the group met President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. The White House’s official YouTube channel uploaded a video of their meeting, offering a sneak peek into their private conversations.

In the beginning of the video, the group explained why they accepted the invitation to the White House. Group member SUGA stated that throughout their international travels, BTS has seen people come together and break down several social barriers to enjoy their music.

The Dynamite singers met with Vice President Kamala Harris, who was thrilled to meet them and reminded the idols about the power they have to transform the world with their speeches and ideologies. Kamala Harris also stated that the way BTS speaks makes people feel less lonely, thereby leading to social problems like hate and prejudice being taken seriously.

"When you all speak about it, you speak to people in a way that reminds them they’re not alone."

The end of the video focused on the group’s meeting with President Joe Biden, who warmly welcomed them and heaped praise on each member. He also made them feel at home and played the group’s hitmaker track Butter, which cracked up the singers and made them feel comfortable as J-Hope, Jin, and V began dancing.

The president was also candid about BTS' remarkable talent and goodwill, as he reminded the members that their goal “matters”. He stated:

"I know you know what you’re doing, but don’t underestimate it. It's not just your great talent, it’s the message you’re communicating. It matters."

After a meaningful conversation and light-hearted meeting at the beginning, the President ended the conversation with a heart-warming message and stated that he geniuenly appreciated the group for all their work.

“i have to tell my mom” im tearing up he’s so precious :(#rm #BTSatTheWhiteHouse

Upon hearing President Joe Biden's heart-felt statement, BTS' RM mentioned his mother and stated that he'd definitely tell her about this moment.

RM has always been appreciative of his mother.

During an episode of BTS’ Bring The Soul Docu-Series, RM reminisced about the time his mother gifted him a microphone and told him to achieve his dreams. Though his mom never agreed to buy one, she eventually surprised him with a PG48 and has since supported RM in his musical career.

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