"I don't wanna f**** be here": Azealia Banks breaks down during Miami Pride show, sparks debate online 

Azealia Banks has been called out several times for being homophobic and transphobic (Image via Getty Images/Cassandra Hannagan)
Azealia Banks has been called out several times for being homophobic and transphobic (Image via Getty Images/Cassandra Hannagan)

Controversial American rapper Azealia Banks is in the limelight again for having a meltdown during her concert at the Wynwood Pride on June 10, which ultimately led to her ending her set mid-way.

The 31-year-old star stormed off stage during her performance in Miami after complaining about the unprofessionalism shown by the event's promoters. As per viral videos shared online, Banks, who donned a black ensemble with her breasts fully exposed, said:

"For the last good, like, month and a half, I've just been being f**ked with. I've been being f***ked around with, you know? Set time's been move and like, 'Oh, you're headlining. No, you're not headlining. Now you're not this.' I'm really not happy to be here. I'm so unhappy to be here. But what did the fans ever do? What did you guys ever do, right? I'm trying, y'all. But it's difficult. I really don't wanna f**king be here."

During her rant, the audience seemed to sympathize with her, but boos erupted out as the crew cut her mic, which she then hurled before departing the stage. During her leave, one spectator even seemed to throw a drink at her.

Twitterati were not happy with Azealia Banks' storming off

Minutes after videos of Azealia Banks storming off the stage went viral, several Twitter users bashed her online for bad-mouthing the event organizers. Many users also asked people to hold the rapper accountable for her words while also questioning the promoters as to why she was invited since she has made transphobic comments in the past.

Azealia Banks' Twitter account got suspended after she told fans her side of the story

After making a dramatic exit from the concert, Azealia Banks took to her Twitter handle to give details about the behind-the-scenes mess which led to her reaction on the stage.

"Wynwood Pride was way too ghetto. I had to bounce."

The 1991 singer said that her planned performance time of 10 pm was moved to 1 am, and that the organizers rejected her tech rider, who requested that dry ice shouldn't be used since she is "EXTREMELY allergic to it." Banks went on to say that the dry ice clouds "began to make me lightheaded to the point that I could "barely stand."

She further criticized the show's security and the event.

"[The event is] an absolute display of how Hispanic citizens in south Florida make poor attempts at selfish cash grabs by exploiting young undocumented gay boys for nightlife entertainment. I should have done something at West Palm Beach Pride because somebody tío with the ashy feet and braided sandals def cooked up some Molotov dry ice. I have the biggest headache ever rn. Wow."
Screenshot of Azealia Banks' suspended Twitter account.
Screenshot of Azealia Banks' suspended Twitter account.

Despite identifying as bisexual, Banks has been called out on multiple occasions for using homophobic and transphobic words.

After using a homophobic slur on a flight attendant, the 212 crooner went on a homophobic rant in 2015, comparing the LGBTQ community to the KKK and claiming she wanted to "spray a gay man in the face with pepper spray."

Banks apologized and promised to "never say the word F****T ever again" in 2016, but she has engaged in similar behavior many times since then. She was even removed from Twitter in 2020 following a transphobic outburst, before returning in April.

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