"I wonder if I was still too inexperienced": BTS' Jimin worries about his professionalism to speak at the White House

A still of the K-pop idol (Image via @jimin_bighitentertaiment/Instagram)
A still of the K-pop idol (Image via @jimin_bighitentertaiment/Instagram)

Record-breaking K-pop boy group BTS made history with its recent visit to the United States of America. The Dynamite singers were invited to the White House to meet President Joe Biden to discuss the increase in anti-Asian hate crimes and to celebrate AANHPI Heritage month.

While the group has made headlines in numerous articles and reports worldwide for their positive impact and legendary moments, group member Jimin recently opened up about his personal doubts after attending the official meeting. As the group returned safely to South Korea, K-pop idol Jimin greeted fans via the web platform Weverse.

Although Jimin stated that he felt grateful to speak at the White House, he shared with fans that he also felt worried for being “too inexperienced” to address such a formal gathering.

"However, like I was wondering if I was still too inexperienced to attend as your representative. I feel apologetic for causing you to worry due to my immaturity."
jimin's weverse letter 220602greeting us after their white house visit, expressing his gratitude, and sharing his thoughts with army

ARMYs root for BTS' Jimin and try to cheer him on as he greets fans via Weverse after visiting the U.S.

On June 2, 2022, BTS’s Jimin took to his Weverse account and updated fans about the group’s return to South Korea after meeting President Joe Biden in the United States of America.

The group had earlier traveled to the U.S. to visit the White House to discuss anti-Asian hate crimes and spoke publicly to reporters at Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s press briefing. The septet also spoke about the importance of Asian inclusion and diversity.

Following their return, BTS' Jimin took to Weverse and posted a sincere and heart-warming letter on the platform. The With You crooner reflected on the group’s recent trip to the United States and felt honored and grateful to address people across the world at the White House, especially as the representative of such a diverse fandom.

"ARMYs, it’s Jimin. Have you all been well? We’ve come back after visiting the US. I’m sure you all know what event we went to attend. I am grateful and honored that thanks to the diverse races, nationalities, and cultures of ARMYs, we were able to attend the event as your representatives and raise our voices."

However, Jimin felt worried about his professionalism and stated that he doubted himself and was troubled with the fact that he might have been “too inexperienced” for the official event. In his letter, Jimin used “미숙”, which means immaturity in terms of lack of social experience.

"However, I wondered if I was still too inexperienced to attend as your representative. I’ve felt apologetic for causing you to worry due to my immaturity. From now on, I will do my best to become a more mature version of myself so that you won’t have to worry anymore."

The BTS singer continued to state:

"You were probably concerned because I haven’t been visiting often these days. I’ll come by more often. I will always miss you, ARMY."

Fan reactions

Upon reading his sincere letter, fans took to various social media platforms to reassure BTS' Jimin that he was doing a fantastic job at representing the youth and addressing social issues that have negatively affected many people.

They continued to state that they were proud of him and, of course, the other group members as well.

@btstranslation7 @BTS_twt Awww jimin you aren't lacking in anyway... your job is a pressuring one it's understandable if you take a break from social media for yourself... yes we all miss you but at the end of the day your happiness and health is all that matters as long as you are okay we will be okay
@btstranslation7 @BTS_twt Why would he think that? He never disappoints us.😭💜 I just wish he is always happy. Take care jimin, if you don't want to post much it's fine. Do what makes you happy💜
@btstranslation7 @BTS_twt Always so kind and comforting, but really .... how many times has Jimin promised he'd come more often? 🤣🤣🤣 He's so sweet and so easy to love. 💜🐥
@btstranslation7 @BTS_twt Jimin we will always love and support you!!! No apology is necessary!!! Your words are beautiful and you did so well in the US!!!WE LOVE YOU JIMINJIMIN JIMINPARK JIMINAlways with you and streaming #WithYou by #JIMIN #BTSJIMIN of #BTS (@BTS_twt) and Sungwoon
@btstranslation7 @BTS_twt I really hope he knows how cherished he is and how proud we are of him. We love you Jimin 💜
@btstranslation7 @BTS_twt you're our pride jimin we're always so proud of you 🥺💜
@btstranslation7 @BTS_twt No bt why is he apologising 😓🥺😭😭😭😭🥺😢🥺😢😢 You’re doing your best Jiminie. We’re proud of you

Meanwhile, Jimin has proved on multiple occasions that he is quite deserving and experienced in his field of expertise. Along with the other group members, he was appointed as the Special Presidential Envoy for Future Generations and Culture in 2021 and spoke at the UN on important topics at prestigious global events.

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