Internet reacts as Jim Carrey stuns as Chip Douglas from Cable Guy

Jim Carrey returns as Chip Douglas from Cable Guy (Image via Sportskeeda)
Jim Carrey returns as Chip Douglas from Cable Guy (Image via Sportskeeda)

In a new Super Bowl commercial set to air during the Big Game on Sunday, Jim Carrey will resume his role as quirky cable technician Chip Douglas.

The 60-year-old actor was seen putting on his gear in a 30-second teaser titled Suiting Up, reprising his role from the 1996 black comedy The Cable Guy.

This Sunday…he’s back… and he just wants to connect! 8^•

The internet reacts to Jim Carrey in ‘Suiting Up'

The commercial showed the Dumb & Dumber star tightening his belt, assembling his drill, twisting a wrench, patting down the row of pens in his pocket, and running a lint roller over his name patch, which read "The Cable OG."

The preview ended with Jim Carrey brandishing his drill under a floodlight in the dark. The short clip has been made to advertise Verizon's 5G Home and Business Internet services.

@C_Moralez I'm definitely watching this AS SOON ASDo you know how many times Ive watched the first Cable Guy!?!! Like 6 times bra!
@LanceHoyt @AEW I didn’t see #AEW this past Wednesday. The cable guy should be coming to fix the cable today. I want to see that match!
@JimCarrey Love Cable Guy. was my favorite movie growing up as well as the Ace Ventura movies! I can't tell you what to do with your life but if you ever made more Ace movies I would be a happy man!

The Cable Guy is a classic among a generation who fell in love with Jim Carey's persona as a comedian and his comic timing through this offering.

This resurgence, which took place after twenty-five years, was met with extreme glee and excitement from fans all over the internet.

@JimCarrey Now I have a reason to watch the game! The world needs to laugh again. Cable guy 2 would be hilarious.
While this is definitely a teaser for a Super Bowl ad, I hope it sparks interest in a #CableGuy sequel. It is after all 2022, everything old is new again.…

Fans all over Twitter have chimed in together, requesting a sequel to Jim Carey's masterpiece. The classic movie has quite a cult-ish fan base, and it will be no surprise to anyone if a sequel to Cable Guy is actualy announced.

OMG Chip Douglas is back! The Cable Guy is my favourite Jim Carrey movie!!! I know this is just a Super Bowl ad but man, it would be amazing to see a sequel! ❤❤❤…
OMG...the cable guy is coming back!!! 🤩…
Cable Guy is like one of my obscure favorites from when i was a kid.…

Andrew McKechnie, CCO and SVP of Verizon, told Adweek that Jim:

"Was pretty psyched to do this and felt like this was the right time—you can't get a better moment than the Super Bowl to do something like this."

He continued to say:

"Hopefully, when the viewers see it, it will feel like a great story both from a cultural standpoint and, in terms of 25 years later, what The Cable Guy ultimately represents."

More about Jim Carey and the Cable Guy

Jim Carrey portrayed the titular character in the film, playing a strange cable technician who stalked his customers. Steven Kovacs (Matthew Broderick) is an architect who finds himself the victim of Chip’s intrusive behaviors.

Jim Carrey vuelve a ser “The Cable Guy” en el nuevo anuncio de la Super Bowl

Leslie Mann, Jack Black, George Segal, Diane Baker, Eric Roberts, Owen Wilson, Janeane Garofalo, David Cross, Andy Dick, Stiller, and Bob Odenkirk appeared in the film, which was directed by Ben Stiller and produced by Judd Apatow.

JIM CARREY Reprises THE CABLE GUY Role for Super Bowl Ad…

Critics were divided on The Cable Guy. Though it was predicted to be a flop, the film collected $102 million worldwide, making it a hit. However, it was an underperforming venture compared to Carrey's previous hits.

With this film, Jim Carrey became the first actor to ever be paid $20 million, which was roughly half of the film's budget.

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