Is All Of Us Are Dead based on a webtoon? 10 key differences between show and manhwa

A still from All Of Us Are Dead (Image via Netflixkr/Instagram)
A still from All Of Us Are Dead (Image via Netflixkr/Instagram)

Yes, All Of Us Are Dead is based on a manhwa, aka webcomic, whose title is Now at Our School. It is by Joo Dong-geun, and the translated version is now available on Webtoon, the app. The show’s theme is a zombie apocalypse, set in the present-day South Korean city Hyosan.

Students at Hyosan High School struggle to survive even as an unnamed virus transforms their friends into monsters and attacks other students. However, between the show and the comic, there are some interesting differences.

Here are some critical differences between All Of Us Are Dead and Now at Our School

1) Choi Na-ra is outgoing in manhwa

One of the only students who survives with her conscience intact despite being attacked by the zombies is Choi Na-ra. In the show, she is a shy student who fears making friends until she is forced to team up with her classmates to survive the apocalypse.

However, in the comic, she is a lot more jovial with her friends.

2) All Of Us Are Dead accelerates zombie transformation

In the comic, the transformation of a human into a zombie after being infected takes longer. In fact, the first student to be infected in the show barely has hours before she transforms.

However, she has enough time to explain what their science teacher did to her in the webcomic. She is also not injected with a foreign substance. Instead, he takes a sample of her blood for his research.

3) The rumor relating to Byeong-chan is different in the comic

In All Of Us Are Dead, the rumor about Byeong-chan is that he is out for revenge against the bullies who cornered his son. The first victim is one of the gang members who bullies his son.

In the comic, however, things are different, as students believe that Byeong-chan is a cannibal. They think that he ate the meat of his son and wife, both of whom are missing.

4) The order of students becoming victims

In All Of Us Are Dead, the order of students who get bitten and then transform into zombies differs from its comic version.

In Now at Our School, Hyeon-ju, the first student, only lightly attacks On-ju. However, I-sak, On-ju’s best friend, is attacked next in the comic. In the show, however, she is bitten much later.

5) There is more romance in All Of Us Are Dead

The Netflix show has more romance than the comic. It has a romantic angle between Su-hyeok and Nam-ra that develops during the 12 episodes. There is also a kiss in the show between the two.

However, the comic only has one romantic relationship, and that is between On-ju and Cheong-san.

6) Nam-ra is not infected by Gwi-nam in comics

In the show, Gwi-nam bites Nam-ra when she attempts to save Su-hyeok from him during a fight.

However, Nam-ra gets infected in the comic due to an eye injury she suffers after a struggle with a zombie.

7) The origin of the virus is different

In All Of Us Are Dead, Byeong-chan intentionally injects his son with mutated mouse hormones in the hopes of kick-starting his survival instincts. In the comic, however, Byeong-chan’s son mysteriously contracts the virus after going out fishing with his father.

Also, in the show, he sacrifices himself to help detective Song Jae-il escape from zombies so that he can find the teacher’s research in the school. However, in the comics, he dies by suicide after police begin an investigation into his son’s condition.

8) Nam-ra’s fate in the show

Unlike Netflix’s All Of Us Are Dead, where Nam-ra remains infected by the virus as a mutated version of a zombie thanks to being able to hold on to her conscience, the end in the comic is different.

In the latter, Nam-ra turns immune to the virus and is taken to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. After observation, she is allowed to return to a normal life.

9) Hyeon-ju is taken to the hospital by someone else

In All Of Us Are Dead, Hyeon-ju is taken to the nurse’s office by Su-hyeok with On-ju and I-sak’s help. However, in the comic, their homeroom teacher carries her on her back with a whiteboard on the side.

This board hides her and her students from teachers in the adjacent classrooms.

10) The ending

Nam-ra hints at teaching other mutated zombies to keep a hold on their conscience at the end of the show (Image via Netflix|Google)
Nam-ra hints at teaching other mutated zombies to keep a hold on their conscience at the end of the show (Image via Netflix|Google)

The conclusion of the show is very different from the comic. In the former, Nam-ra hints at teaching other mutated zombies to keep a hold on their conscience. She is also hiding from the Korean military, which continues to be on guard.

In the webcomic, however, the ending of All Of Us Are Dead features the virus making a move from South Korea to Japan through a water stream.

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