Is Spotify Wrapped 2023 out? Here's all you need to know 

A cover of Spotify Wrapped 2023 (image via Spotify)
A cover of Spotify Wrapped 2023 (image via Spotify)

Spotify is back with Spotify Wrapped 2023, where all Spotify users get a personalized snippet of what they have been listening to all year. Spotify Wrapped is a widely popular end-of-year offering wherein the music streaming service compiles a summary of all the songs a user listened to during the year in various statistical formats, all neatly wrapped up in eye-catching visuals.

If you are a Spotify user and want insight into who you are as a music fan, then Spotify Wrapped is the perfect way to get this insight. You can discover what musical genres you listened to, create a playlist of your top 100 songs, compare yourself to other users, and identify your listening preferences.

How to view your Spotify Wrapped 2023

A look into the design of Spotify Wrapped 2023 (image via Spotify)
A look into the design of Spotify Wrapped 2023 (image via Spotify)

Spotify released Wrapped 2023 at 8 am ET on November 29, 2023. This year, Wrapped arrived one day ahead of the December 1 launch date of the previous year. Finding Spotify Wrapped is simple, and this year, you may do it through the mobile app or even access it through a web browser.

The easiest method is to simply launch the Spotify mobile app. If you don't see a banner that says "your 2023 Wrapped" right away, check out the top menu. If you scroll left, you should see a Wrapped button that will take you directly to the banner. Once you click the banner, you're done!

This year, Wrapped is also available for your laptop by visiting the Spotify website, logging in, and searching for the Wrapped announcement. You can go directly to or your Wrapped slideshow by clicking the 'Check it out' button.

What does Spotify Wrapped 2023 cover?

Spotify hasn't disclosed the precise dates this year, but the general listening window is January 1 until "a few weeks before launch." Previous years saw an end to data gathering on October 31. According to the corporation, October gives it enough time to finish the Wrapped report for users.

Here are some of the new features to look out for in Spotify Wrapped 2023:

  • Me in 2023 - This exciting new feature from Spotify Wrapped presents users with a Spotify-created character that best describes their listening habits. Characters like the Alchemist ("you make your playlists more often than others"), the Luminary ("you play light, upbeat music more than others"), and the Shapeshifter ("you're quick to move from one artist to the next") are examples.
  • Wrapped Blend - This feature lets users invite friends to create a blended playlist of their Spotify Wrapped 2023. To create a shared playlist with all of your best songs from this year, use the '2023 Wrapped Top Songs' filter.
  • Top artists - Spotify Wrapped 2023 is presenting you with a special video message from your top artist. More than 40,000 artists are included this year to make sure everyone gets a message from their favorites.
  • Top 5 Artists - This year, Spotify Wrapped takes the Top 5 Artists above and beyond the list to allow viewers to view the month in which each artist's listening peaked.

Spotify Wrapped has gained massive popularity over the years as millions of users get a personalized look into their listening habits accompanied by some eye-catching visuals. Head to the Spotify app or open Spotify on your web browser to get your Spotify Wrapped 2023 statistics.

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