"It feels like Christmas Eve": BTS’ Taehyung’s fans excited as he reveals official scheduler for Layover, Love Me Again MV drops tomorrow 

BTS' Taehyung reveals the schedule for his debut solo album Layover (Image via Twitter/@Taehyungimpact)

BTS’ Taehyung has released the official scheduler for his debut solo album Layover, which is all set to release on September 8 at 1 pm KST. The Slow Dancing singer is the seventh and final member of Bangtan to make his solo debut, and fans are stoked for it.

The scheduler has been revealed on a simple yellow ruled sheet in a handwritten font. Additionally, it comprises pictures of BTS’ Taehyung and Yeontan, his beloved pet dog, to whom the album is dedicated. As per the official scheduler, the first music video, Love Me Again, drops on August 10 at midnight KST.

Thus, fans are eagerly anticipating the MV drop, and they have taken to social media to talk about the same. One BTS fan, who goes by the username @Kindness4Tae, shared a picture of the Christmas Tree singer and a bunch of hashtags related to his upcoming album, while hoping for the MV release date to come sooner:

“It feels like Christmas Eve, if I go to sleep earlier, will morning come sooner?”

BTS’ Taehyung’s fans react to the exciting lineup of events leading to Layover’s release

Ever since BTS’ Taehyung announced the release of his debut solo album Layover, ARMYs are have found themselves at the receiving end of brand new information related to the album every couple of hours. Layover consists of five unique and amazing tracks with one bonus track just for ARMYs. All five tracks will be accompanied by a music video, and the tracklist comprises the following songs:

  1. Rainy Days
  2. Blue
  3. Love Me Again
  4. Slow Dancing (title track)
  5. For Us
  6. Slow Dancing (piano version) (bonus track)

Love Me Again is confirmed to be the first music video to be released, followed by a concept photo drop on August 11 at 12 am KST. On the same day, the 28-year-old Bangtan member will release his second MV for the song Rainy Days at 1 pm KST.

On August 11, BTS’ Taehyung will also release Love Me Again and Rainy Days pre-release. After a brief break of five days, the Sweet Night singer will release another concept photo on August 16.

According to the information on the scheduler, BTS’ Taehyung will halt his activities post the release of the second concept photo. The music video for Slow Dancing will release on September 8 with the album release. The other two music videos - Blue and For Us is expected to release on the same days as well.

For now, ARMYs are excited about the release of Love Me Again MV which drops on August 10 and the several album-specific releases that are to follow.

BTS’ Taehyung has joined forces with ADOR’s CEO Min Hee-jin for the album production of Layover. It is revealed that the Singularity singer approached her with an offer to collaborate on his solo project. New Jeans’ producer will lead the overall production of the album, from conceptualizing, music, and choreography to design and promotions.

Min Hee-jin revealed that she has married her musical sensibilities with V’s husky baritone, and since it is their first time collaborating with each other, the duo are excited to showcase their work to the world. The Sweet Night singer chimed in and revealed that Layover captures his tastes and that he is happy to showcase a side totally different from BTS.

“It’s an album that captures my tastes. There will be abundant spectacles. I prepared while thinking that ARMY will be happy, so I hope you can anticipate it. I think you will be able to see a new side of solo artist V that is different from BTS’s V.”

BTS’ Taehyung will feature in four magazines in September

The talented 28-year-old BTS singer will be gracing four magazines in September as part of his promotions for his debut solo album, Layover.

He will be gracing the cover of Esquire Korea, which was announced previously, and three other magazines which were announced today--W Korea, POP mag, and, finally, Arena. The Stigma singer has been styled by the French luxury fashion house CELINE, for which he is the brand ambassador.

The magazines will be unveiled in September, the month dedicated to his debut solo album’s exclusive promotions. Unsurprisingly, BTS' Taehyung has taken over the internet, mesmerising fans with his handsome visuals and charming aura. More information is expected to be unveiled at a later date.

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