“It’s a threat for sure”: Lisa Rinna reacts to Kathy Hilton’s private message asking her to stay silent in RHOBH reunion

Lisa Rinna and Kathy Hilton from RHOBH
Lisa Rinna and Kathy Hilton from RHOBH (Image via lisarinna, kathyhilton/Instagram)

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) Season 12 is nearing its end. While the show is currently airing the Aspen trip on television, the cast members have finished filming the reunion episode.

Before stepping on the set, Lisa Rinna teased fans with her Instagram story post, which implied that she was going to spill some beans during the filming of the reunion. She shared a private message sent to her by Kathy Hilton and reacted to it by stating it as "a threat."

The secret Kathy was talking about in the message was apparently related to the ladies' Aspen trip. A preview of RHOBH's upcoming episode showed the fallout between Kathy and her sister Kyle Richards, leading to the former's exit from the scene. Only time will unravel the secret Lisa is talking about.

Lisa Rinna claims to be threatened by "people"

Lisa Rinna's Instagram story (Image via lisarinna/Instagram)
Lisa Rinna's Instagram story (Image via lisarinna/Instagram)

On Friday, Bravo host Andy Cohen revealed on social media that the RHOBH reunion episode was being filmed. Just a few hours before Andy's post, Lisa posted a series of Instagram stories claiming she had been receiving threats for the past four months by some "people."

Her story read:

“I have been ‘threatened’ for the past 4 months by ‘people’ basically trying to scare me, trying to ruin my credibility, trying to call me a liar, creating things that aren’t true and don’t exist, but guess what? Today we’re going to sit down and we are going to talk about it all. I will tell my truth. And yes you better believe I’m gonna talk about it all.”

Before this story, Lisa shared another one revealing Kathy Hilton's DM to her. In the private message, Kathy asked Lisa not to open up about the things they discussed as it might drag everyone's names and create a big drama.

Lisa Rinna shares Kathy's Hilton's DM (Image via lisarinna/Instagram)
Lisa Rinna shares Kathy's Hilton's DM (Image via lisarinna/Instagram)

Kathy's message continued:

“Please it goes further than you would want to know. Silence is golden, I am staying silent.”

As Lisa shared the message on her Instagram story, she wrote:

“It’s a threat for sure.”

Lisa further added:

“Oop, in Italy we have a word for this which is Omertà and it’s basically a mob thing.”

The secret will be out when Bravo airs the RHOBH Season 12 reunion episode. Meanwhile, Andy Cohen mentioned on his Instagram story that a mystery was revealed while filming the reunion.

Will Diana Jenkins attend RHOBH Season 12 reunion?

Andy Cohen has been teasing fans with a few sneak peek clips from the RHOBH Season 12 reunion, which was filmed on Friday, September 9, 2022. He didn't reveal any housewives' looks but was seen asking them about a "mystery." Erika Jayne and Kyle Richards' voices can be heard in the background.

The reunion was attended by Kyle, Erika, Kathy, Lisa, Sutton Stracke, Garcelle Beauvais, and Crystal Kung Minkoff. Newcomer Diana Jenkins was reportedly not physically present to shoot the reunion episode. However, she joined the group virtually as US Weekly reported that she got COVID-19.

Meanwhile, the previous episode of RHOBH Season 12 featured the ladies in Aspen. Earlier, Lisa had mentioned that Kathy's outburst during the trip had forced her to lock herself in a bedroom.

The feud may be between Kyle and Kathy, which might affect the sisters' relationship. Viewers can watch a new episode of RHOBH Season 12 every Wednesday on Bravo at 8.00 PM ET.

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