"Let's meet again when the wind gets warmer soon": BTS' RM pens a contemplative letter on Weverse

The BTS leader shared his thoughts with fans on Weverse recently (Image via Allkpop)
The BTS leader shared his thoughts with fans on Weverse recently (Image via Allkpop)
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BTS' lead, RM, took to Weverse to share his thoughts today, leaving fans emotional with concern and love.

RM, also known as Kim Namjoon, has been the leader of BTS, ever since its conception. As the band reaches new heights every day, RM, as any good leader would, reaches out to BTS’ millions of fans around the world regularly. He expresses his thoughts and shows his gratitude in the form of a virtual journal via Weverse.

While most members of BTS are very interactive with ARMY, Kim Namjoon is more regular. The rapper often shares long notes and letters with BTS fans, aka ARMY, but this one seems more contemplative than usual, leaving fans concerned.

BTS' RM aka Kim Namjoon shares his vulnerable side

BTS' RM took to the fan community platform Weverse on November 4 to share a letter to the huge fandom. The reason behind this letter was "a desperate need to write before I forget how to write at all," said RM. He said (translated from Korean):

I hope you all are well. It's becoming more and more difficult to write long letters, but I feel as if I'll completely forget how to write them if I don't, so I decided to write one.

Written in Korean, RM’s letter has been translated by several fans around the world. RM expressed his gratitude to his fans, saying that although he doesn’t know how many of his thoughts he can share through the letter, his hopes for the people he loves and those who love BTS remain unchanged.

Though I don't know how to tell you the random thoughts that have been in my head, the fact that I want everyone who loves us to be as peaceful as possible hasn't changed.

RM showcased his seldom soon vulnerable side, a side that is torn between the need for peace and the need for excitement, thrill, and drama. The BTS idol said:

I've been searching for peace and stability for so long, but I can't erase the idea that people, or maybe even I, always want a kind of drama. I think it's a strange disease that makes me anxious when things stabilize a little.

The artist also reflected upon his initial years in the industry and the capital city of Seoul. Having arrived in Seoul at the young age of 17, RM states that he has seen a lot change, yet he feels like nothing has changed at all.

A lot of time has passed since I came to Seoul at 17, but when I look back, I often feel strange that nothing has changed. In the end, I'm only 28 years old, and I think it'll take countless years to be as firm as I hope.

The rapper went on to say that he had recently resumed journaling but that he decided to write his thoughts on Weverse on Wednesday because he didn't want to pick up a pen and write.

To be honest, I started writing in a diary again, but I didn't want to pick up a pen today so I'm writing here instead. I don't know why my writing is always the same just like they were in the fan cafes. I really miss you, and I think about you now and then.

RM ended the letter on a reflective note amid talk of winter and the impending cold. The BTS leader states that he is looking towards the future with hope for BTS and its fans. Admitting that he misses ARMY, as much as ARMY misses BTS, RM invites them to meet “when the wind gets warmer soon.”

Winter came so suddenly and scared me, but it's a good season to walk. Let's meet again when the wind gets warmer soon. As always, I'll be working on music, and my mind and body will be waiting every day. I miss you!"
BTS WEVERSE POST RM/NAMJOON 211104NJ: The winter that used to approach suddenly has now become a great season to run away for a walk. Let's meet, wherever it is, when the wind gets warmer soon.I miss you!@BTS_twt

The thoughtful post has left BTS fans both surprised and contemplative. Some took to Twitter to share their reactions.

#RMWeverse I respect him that he's so open about his thoughts and feelings. I hope that the LA concerts bring him joy and peace

Several took to social media to express their support and love for their leader, promising a meeting once things got better and thanking RM for sharing his thoughts.

Edited by Danyal Arabi
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