Levi's celebrates LGBTQIA+ community: Where to buy, and more details about the new collection

Levi's celebrates the LGBTQIA+ community for Pride month 2022 (Image via Levis)
Levi's celebrates the LGBTQIA+ community for Pride month 2022 (Image via Levis)

Ahead of Pride Month 2022, which begins on June 1, 2022, Levi's is celebrating their love in the Together Journal. For their 2022 Pride collection, the label is returning to visit the birth of the Queer Liberation Movement, which started in the late 1960s.

This is the brand's way to celebrate and appreciate the pioneers and activists who have held their fights for the visibility and equal rights of the LGBTQIA+ community.

This is a nod to all who fought for their rights then. It is also a message to the next generation of activists. The collection is live on many platforms across Japan, the U.K., and Australia to buy on Levi's.

More about the Levi's 2022 Pride Collection

Levi's 2022 Pride Collection (Image via Levi's)
Levi's 2022 Pride Collection (Image via Levi's)

Levi's has been a pioneer in the LGBTQIA+ community and has supported the community for over 30 years. Starting in 1992, when the label created a welfare program for its LGTBQ employees. Since then, the brand has done many things in favor of the community.

Drawing inspiration from the 1960s, the label has designed a collection to inspire the next generation. The brand envisions showing that equality is something that never goes out of style.

The collection includes a line of apparel that celebrates the activism of the LGBTQIA+ community uniquely. The collection is designed to be inclusive of all sizes and gender identities, making the set genuinely open to all.

The collection is inclusive and has a gender-fluid clothing line that leans towards Levi's practice of adding a traditional feminine flair to masculine styles. The 2022 pride lineup showcased pieces of clothing that the brand has never debuted in gender-fluid apparel, such as kilt-inspired skirts and denim corsets.


The denim offerings also include a trucker jacket with distressed and faded details and a classic Type 3 trucker with the label of Pride Two Horse attached on the inside, "Let Us Love" embroidered on the back with pearl center shank buttons emblazoned upon the apparel.

The 2022 pride lineup also includes non-denim designs for community tees, concert tees, cropped tees, tanks, and crews. The road trip cropped tee features rainbow graphics of "Let My People Love!" and "Live Your Truth" printed upon them.

The tank in the collection features a print of the "We Are All Magical Beings" graphic on the rear. At the same time, the Relaxed Graphic Ragland Crew includes a Levi's Rainbow sports logo on the front and a minor embroidery spelling "Equality Never Goes Out Of Style" upon the rear. The crew is leading the line with the campaign quote.

The collection also includes the full-scale '93 long leg jeans 501 for the first time this year. The vintage silhouette is a straight-leg design with shaded features and a back patch with a rainbow charm. The jeans feature a big "E," rainbow tab, and pearl shank buttons reminiscent of the Pride Movement in 1970.

Levi’s®PRIDE collection 長きに渡りLGBTQへのサポートを続け、HIV/AIDSウィルスが広がりを見せた1980年代に始まった彼らへの差別にいち早く立ち向かったリーバイス®︎。公式オンラインストアで発売中🌈リーバイス®ストアでは4月22日(金)に発売予定#pridemonth#pridecollection

The leading pieces of the collection have been revealed on the Japan site with their prices,

  1. Community Tee Pride Community Graphic Tee is priced at ¥4,950
  2. The Relaxed Graphic Tank Pride is priced at ¥3,330
  3. The 501 Straight Let Us Love Jeans is priced at ¥14,300
  4. The Pride Denim Corset is priced at ¥11,000
  5. The Pride Skirt is priced at ¥11,000

The collection included many more pieces, which are to be revealed over time. The set is inclusive in sizes, with a size ranging from XS to XXL for most items. The collection can be availed on Levi's official e-commerce site.

To extend the support to the community and to show their allyship with the LGBTQIA+ community, the label makes annual donations to the OutRightAction International organization for $100,000. The organization is dedicated to advocating for the LGBTQIA+ people worldwide for human rights.

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