Loki season 2 end-credits scene explained: Is Sylvie really from Broxton, Oklahoma?

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The post credit scene introduces fans to a classic comic book location with deep ties to Loki and Thor (Image via Marvel)

Loki season 2 has brought back the God of Mischief to the chaotic realm of the TVA, where the characters now face the harsh truth in all of time. Following the dramatic events at the End of Time with He Who Remains, Loki is on a mission to learn what happened due to Sylvie’s audacious decision to kill the all-powerful Kang variant, and, more importantly, he is on a mission to locate Sylvie.

After the end of the first episode of Loki season 2, fans are treated to an end-credits scene that shows Sylvie returning via a Time Door and emerging into a branching timeline. The show tells viewers this is in 1982 in a small town called Broxton, Oklahoma. Avid comic readers may recognize this “Little Asgard” right away.


Loki season 2: Broxton, Oklahoma’s significance to Thor and Sylvie

Fans are treated to only one post-credits scene in Loki season 2 episode 1, but it's a nice one. We see Sylvie again as she exits a Time Door and enters a branching timeline after the main credits conclude. She is seen exiting onto a field, which the show tells us is in 1982, close to Broxton, Oklahoma.

She visits a nearby structure, which turns out to be a McDonald's. After taking a few moments to look around, she orders food. The manager of the establishment recommends their new product, the chicken McNuggets (This is historically accurate; the McNuggets were introduced in 1981 and started gaining hype in 1982). The episode concludes with Sylvie looking around, hoping to make this small town her new home, and saying,

"I want to try everything."
The first Thor film, back in 2011, changed New Asgard to a New Mexico town instead of one in Oklahoma (Image via Marvel)
The first Thor film, back in 2011, changed New Asgard to a New Mexico town instead of one in Oklahoma (Image via Marvel)

The fact that Loki season 2 is setting up Sylvie's new life in Broxton is a strong tie to Thor's comic book history. After Asgard was destroyed in 2004's Ragnarok story arc, which was a part of the Avengers: Disassembled event, writer J. Michael Straczynski had Thor reinstate the realm close to the town of Broxton, Oklahoma, in 2007's Thor #1.

After Thor had just battled his way back from the void, Ragnarok had finally wiped out all the Asgardians. He discovered that the souls of his people had been reincarnated in human form without awareness of their divine origin.

Thor needed a base of operations for his mission to look for the Asgardians. As he had just re-entered the realm of humans in Broxton, Oklahoma, he conjured the city of Asgard to float above the location. And yes, Thor did pay for the use of the land with Asgardian treasures, even if it took some time.

The Asgardians continued to have a particular bond with Broxton's residents from 2007's Thor #1 until 2014's Thor: God of Thunder #24, while Asgard continued to be a floating metropolis above a tiny town in the southwestern United States. Even more of a connection to Broxton may be found thanks to Loki's Sylvie, whose counterpart in the comic books was sort of a resident of the little town.

Lady Loki (Image via Marvel)
Lady Loki (Image via Marvel)

Loki represented themselves as a lady when they were in Broxton. It was also the first time the comics had given Loki a sustained feminine portrayal. Since Loki is the God of Mischief, he assumed the shape they had planned for Lady Sif when he was resurrected.

In reality, Loki has always been considered genderfluid in both comics and true Norse mythology. The Lady Loki we encountered in Broxton in the comics was the same Loki we had always known, just in a new guise, unlike Sylvie, who is a version from another Timeline. But it's appropriate that Broxton in both the comics and now in Loki season 2 is the home to a female version of the Trickster God.

What is in store for Sylvie and Broxton in Loki season 2?

Normal Sylvie, working at a normal McDonald's (Image via Disney+)
Normal Sylvie, working at a normal McDonald's (Image via Disney+)

After her major showdown with He Who Remains in the season 1 finale, the post-credits sequence of Loki season 2 picks up with Sylvie entering Broxton. The scene further hints that Sylvie may be craving for a taste of "normal" existence.

This change in her attitude implies that she is done with the TVA and the chaos of timelines, preferring a more serene existence. This is at least until Loki finds her (which he will), and we (might) witness the conflict in the TVA that was hinted at earlier in the episode, just before Loki gets Pruned to stop his time slipping.

As for Broxton in the MCU, let's hope it has a better ending than it had in the comics. In the comics, the neighboring floating City of Asgard made the little settlement a prime target.

Broxton in the comics is the "New Asgard," but in the MCU, they instead took Asgard to the Nordic city of Tønsberg (Image via Marvel)
Broxton in the comics is the "New Asgard," but in the MCU, they instead took Asgard to the Nordic city of Tønsberg (Image via Marvel)

The Roxxon corporation’s CEO's meddling eventually leads to a sad demise for Broxton. The town was further destroyed when the God of Hammers demolished it out of vengeance for his rival, Thor. This little American town's relationship with these higher creatures ultimately cost it dearly.

Episode 1 of Loki season 2 is now streaming on Disney+ worldwide. Episode 2 is said to air next week on October 12 at 6 pm PT/9 pm ET.

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