MAMAMOO US Tour 2023: Tickets, where to buy, possible price, time, venues, and all you need to know 

MAMAMOO announced their U.S. tour dates (Image via Twitter/@RBW_MAMAMOO  @swfs4x4)
MAMAMOO announced their U.S. tour dates (Image via Twitter/@RBW_MAMAMOO @swfs4x4)

On Thursday, March 16, MAMAMOO announced tour dates for their first-ever US Tour as part of their much bigger MY CON world tour. It will comprise nine shows over two months, spanning across the country.

The Starry Night singers will kick off their ambitious tour on May 16 in New York, travel across many important US cities, and wrap up their nine-date tour in early June with two shows for their Californian MooMoos (fandom name).

The tickets for their US tour will go live on March 29 at 10 am US time and will be available via the country’s biggest ticketing website - Ticketmaster. Additionally, VIP tickets from Wonderwall will go on sale starting next month.

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According to Twitter user @lunaestreIIad0s, MAMAMOO fans will be required to purchase the show’s tickets and the Wonderwall VIP package separately, as it is just an add-on to the concert. Additionally, @lunaestreIIad0s has predicted that the Wonderwall VIP package will be divided accordingly:

  • VIP - USD 170
  • VVIP - USD 250

MAMAMOO fans, please note that this is not inclusive of concert tickets and is referenced from SF9’s US Tour prices.

MAMAMOO release official dates for their US tour; Fans take to social media to celebrate


The group will commence their North American tour on May 16 with New York City. This will be followed by Baltimore, Maryland, on May 18 and Atlanta, Georgia, on May 20.

The Egoistic singers will head south to Nashville, Tennessee, on May 22, followed by Forth Worth in Texas on May 24, a stop in Chicago, Illinois, on May 27, and finally, Glendale, Arizona, on May 31.

The Starry Night singers aim to wrap up their North American leg of the tour with two shows in California on June 2 and 4 in Oakland and Los Angeles, respectively.


  • 16 – New York, New York
  • 18 – Baltimore, Maryland
  • 20 – Atlanta, Georgia
  • 22 – Nashville, Tennessee
  • 24 – Forth Worth, Texas
  • 27 – Chicago, Illinois
  • 31 – Glendale, Arizona


  • 2 – Oakland, California
  • 4 – Los Angeles, California
@lunaestreIIad0s @RBW_MAMAMOO New York having their own song 🤭🤭 What's up NY?!

Unsurprisingly, MAMAMOO fans are over the moon and have taken to social media to celebrate the group announcing their first-ever US Tour dates. Latin American and Canadian MooMoos hope the talented four-member girl group will visit them in the next leg of their world tour.

My very first for the #moomoos 💛❤️💙🤍Perfect timing for the #MAMAMOO US world tour !! Still haven't stopped screaming #MOONBYUL #SOLAR #WHEEIN #HWASA…
Mamamoo getting a US tour and Minnesota isn't even on the agenda?
So happy and proud of MAMAMOO that they are finally going on a US tour, goodluck and enjoy the tour 😊…
Can't believe mamamoo a us tour it's really happening I'm still in shock
mamamoo doing a whole leg of their world tour in the usa could mean that they're also doing proper legs for europe and south- and middle america..this is me being very hopeful and positive 🤞
@lunaestreIIad0s @RBW_MAMAMOO Is there a chance they’ll announce LATAM and Canada cities later on? Or is the tour just USA

US dates for MAMAMOO’s upcoming tour are an extension of their ambitious MY CON, which began in their home country Seoul, South Korea, on November 18, 2022. So far, they have performed across Asia, which includes Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines, amongst other Asian countries.

Now, they are heading West with the US, and fans are hoping that the gogobebe singers will also announce tour dates for Latin America, Canada, and Europe. This is also the first time in five years that the girl group will perform in North America. They last performed in the US for the 2019 KCON Los Angeles festival.

Official venues and ticketing will be announced in time. One can keep themselves updated with additional information via the band’s official social media handles.

MAMAMOO’s subunit released new teaser photos featuring Moon Byul

[#마마무+]1st Single Album [ACT 1, SCENE 1] '나쁜놈 (Chico malo)'🔸 CONCEPT PHOTO 🔸🔹 Moon Byul 🔹Pre Release✔ 2023.03.21 6PM (KST) Album Release✔ 2023.03.29 6PM (KST) #마마무플러스 #MAMAMOOplus#솔라 #Solar #문별 #MoonByul#ACT_1_SCENE_1 #나쁜놈

The girl group’s subunit, titled MAMAMOO+, released new teaser photos featuring Moon Byul. This subunit comprises members Moon Byul and leader Solar.

The multi-talented singer-songwriter and rapper looked charismatic in a royal blue Hanbok, exuding charisma in the still images.

MAMAMOO+ are all set to make a smashing comeback with their first single album ACT 1, SCENE 1, on March 29 at 6 pm KST. However, before that, the pre-release track Bad Guy will be released on March 21 at 6 pm KST.

Notably, Solar and Moon Byul had previously teamed up for the 2022 single Better, which was loved by fans worldwide.

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