5 female K-pop friendships that give off BFF vibes

5 female K-pop friendships that radiate BFF energy (Image via Instagram/@2xchaeyoung)
5 female K-pop friendships that radiate BFF energy (Image via Instagram/@2xchaeyoung)

Given the abundance of girl groups in the industry, several events that bring them together have inevitably spawned many female K-pop friendships that fans love to witness both on and off-screen. Friendships have flourished from several cross-group interactions, and neither the age difference between the idol groups nor the generation gap has ever been a deal-breaker.

From supporting each other during their schedules to taking vacations abroad together, some of these female idols have been living the idol BFF life and fans can never seem to stop swooning at the lovely bond they share. Though the list of iconic female K-pop friendships in the industry is quite long, here are five friendships that give off major BFF vibes.

From cross-groups to soloists: 5 female K-pop friendships that radiate BFF energy

1) BLACKPINK's Rose and Girl's Day's Hyeri

First on the list of female K-pop friendships is the one between BLACKPINK's Rose and Girl's Day's Hyeri. The two have put forth one too many instances that prove that they share the most wonderful bond. Rose and Hyeri first met during the filming of Amazing Saturday, when BLACKPINK's Jisoo and Rose guest starred in Hyeri's drama. When Hyeri made the bold move of asking for Rose's number, it naturally evolved into a wonderful friendship.

Since then, the two have only gotten consistently closer. From supporting each other by sending food trucks to their schedules to spending quality girl time together, it's difficult not to swoon over their friendship. When the two made an appearance on Knowing Bros together, it only further cemented that the two cared for each other to great extents.

2) MAMAMOO's Hwasa and Lovelyz's Kei

Next in line on the list of iconic female K-pop friendships is MAMAMOO's Hwasa and Lovelyz's Kei. Their collective participation in Mnet's Queendom led to the growth of their friendship years later. The idols who joined forces for the vocal unit battle during the survival show made their last friendship update in 2019, which touched many fans' hearts.

During Hwasa's solo promotion for Maria, Kei sent her a gift to showcase her support for her friend, which was a mobile gift card. However, she was given an even bigger gift in return: an additional gift card and a premium Korean beef set. She also further revealed that the two are still catching up with each other through calls and are quite close.

3) Jeon Somi and TWICE's Chaeyoung

Jeon Somi and TWICE's Chaeyoung have been friends for almost eight years, making it one of the longest-lasting female K-pop friendships. The two initially bonded in 2015, when both of them participated in JYP Entertainment's survival show, SIXTEEN. While Chaeyoung debuted with TWICE, Jeon Somi left the company and joined The Black Label.

Regardless, their friendship is going strong as the two continue to pop up on each other's Instagram and are spotted supporting each other's music releases. The last announced reunion the two had was when they collaborated for Somi's XOXO Challenge. Not only that, but in July 2022 Chaeyeoung also shared a thread of Jeon Somi's photos as a tribute to their friendship that had grown over the years.

4) Red Velvet's Irene and BLACKPINK's Jennie

One of the most swoon-worthy female K-pop friendships has to be between Red Velvet's Irene and BLACKPINK's Jennie. The two became friends when they realized that they were visiting the same hair salon for their appointments. From there, their friendship consistently blossomed over the many encounters they had.

During Jennie's SOLO and Red Velvet's Really Bad Boy, the two promoted each other's songs by switching between the choreographies. Fans were obviously fawning as the two continued to display their adorable friendship at the award shows. Jenne and Irene also took a trip to Paris to spend their off-time together in 2019.

5) Jessi and Hyolyn

Last on the list of female K-pop friendships is Jessi and Hyolyn, two K-pop soloists who share quite a lengthy history. Following their collaborative song cover of Rihanna's Diamonds, the two were invited to Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook, a talk show, where they revealed further details about their friendship.

Hyolyn shared that Jessi is often the person she turns to when things get difficult. The interview was also done while SISTAR's disbandment was still a piece of shocking news on the internet.

Jessi, in an effort to showcase her support for Hyolyn, said that she's one of the most loyal and kind people she's met. In many ways, their friendship makes perfect sense given their bold and powerful personalities and similar humor.

As more and more female K-pop friendships flourish due to interactions in the K-pop industry, fans celebrate these bonds and hope for collaborations between their favorites.

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