BLACKPINK members' friendship with other idols

Global K-pop girl group BLACKPINK (Image via @@pascaIgrande/ Twitter)
Global K-pop girl group BLACKPINK (Image via @@pascaIgrande/ Twitter)

BLACKPINK is a popular K-pop girl group known for its dynamic and catchy tracks. Many well-known artists around the world admire the group. The album artists are also known for their long-term friendships with other K-pop idols. Fans have praised Jisoo, Rosé, Lisa, and Jennie of BLACKPINK for making time for their friends despite their busy schedules.

BLINKs often wonder which K-pop idols are closest to the members of BLACKPINK. We've curated a list of each BLACKPINK member's K-pop idol friends.

K-pop Idol friends of each BLACKPINK member

1) Rosé

One of the most heartwarming and famous friendships in the K-pop industry is Rosé and Girls Day’s Hyeri. Both successful K-pop stars were frequently spotted hanging out together on Hyeri's YouTube channel Vlogs. Fans adore the interaction between the two singers because many K-pop idols keep their friendship hidden, but this is not the case with Hyeri and Rosé.

The long-term friendship began on tvN's Amazing Saturday. Hyeri and Rosé get together frequently, spend birthdays together, and have admitted to video calling when they can't meet due to their busy schedules.

BLACKPINK's Rosé also made a guest appearance on the renowned JTBC variety show to promote her solo debut alongside her close friend Hyeri. Rosé almost shed a tear upon discussing her great bond with Hyeri. Fans have even remarked that their friendship is the type of bond that everyone requires.

Red Velvet Joy and Rosé also went out together and connected due to the encounter. When Rosé mentioned how much she missed her mother, joy even had tears. Joy also revealed on a radio show that she admires Rosé's voice.

Rosé is also close with TWICE's Chaeyoung, and the two have been seen interacting on several occasions at award events. There are also other videos on YouTube that highlight their friendship. TWICE’s Tzuyu, Red Velvet Yeri, and Ladies Code’s Ashley Choi are also friends with Rosé.

2) Jisoo

TWICE Nayeon is quite well known among BLACKPINK members. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and TWICE’s Nayeon were also friends before their debut and spent a lot of time together. They remain in touch as friends. Jisoo even made Nayeon an edit which Nayeon posted on TWICE’s official Instagram.

Red Velvet Seulgi is another K-pop idol who is friends with Jisoo. BLACKPINK and RED VELVET are great friends, although Jisoo has the best connection with Seulgi. They're frequently spotted cheering each other on at music and awards events.

BLACKPINK's Jisoo is also friends with Bona from Cosmic Girls. WJSN's Bona expressed her desire to get close to Jisoo in 2016. Jisoo then backed her on Instagram, and the two of them celebrated birthdays together. They also connected throughout the How You Like That era's promotions.

Jisoo and Jinyoung are also close because they were both MCs at Inkigayo with Doyoung. Jinjido was the name given to Jinyoung, Jisoo, and Doyoung.

Jisoo and Sunmi are often seen interacting at awards events and music shows. In support of Seulgi, they were also spotted at a Red Velvet concert in 2019.

Super Junior Heechul is another idol on the list, and he is most likely a family friend as he knows Jisoo's father and attended Jisoo's brother's wedding. Jisoo and Heechul also appeared in a variety show together and seemed at ease with each other.

3) Lisa

BLACKPINK Lisa and GOT7 BamBam are well-known Thai duos in the K-pop industry. They have a lot of history together. Their families are close; therefore, they have known each other since they were children. Lisa and BamBam were once members of Wee Zaa Cool.

Moreover, according to Rapper Lisa, the duo still talk to each other. Lisa even mentioned BamBam in one of her Vlives. Fans have seen their excellent bond on numerous occasions.

Lisa is also friends with Sorn of CLC and other Thai artists in the K-pop industry. Sorn and Lisa have a great friendship. They frequently support one another at concerts and also on social media. Another idol from the Thai line, (G)I-DLE's Minnie, is close friends with the BLACKPINK rapper. Lisa is also friends with NCT's Ten, a Thai singer.

BLACKPINK's Lisa is also friends with Stray Kids' Bang Chan. Bang Chan revealed that he and Lisa had been friends since both trainees. They met from a mutual friend. TWICE members are also close to Lisa. TWICE's Mina and Lisa are frequently seen interacting with one another during award shows. TWICE Tzuyu is also a close friend of hers.

During the music show, Jessi and Lisa also interacted. Jessi has made no secret of his adoration and liking for Lisa. Lisa and Red Velvet's Irene have also been observed chatting as friends on numerous occasions.

4) Jennie

Red Velvet's Irene and Yeri are among Jennie's closest friends. Since meeting for the first time at a hair salon, Jennie and Irene have been great friends and have thrilled fans at several events with their wonderful friendship. When they meet each other, they usually share warm hugs.

They've even replicated each other's iconic moves in their dance performances, appearing on the same stage multiple times. Fans were also astonished to see Irene wag her finger and wink during a live performance of Red Velvet's Bad Boy, as Jennie did in her SOLO performance.

Likewise, Jennie performs a section of Irene's choreography from Really Bad Boy at the start of SOLO.

Red Velvet Yeri is also a close friend of Jennie. They often engage during award presentations and react to their Instagram posts. Yeri has also attended one of Jennie's live broadcasts and even visited her for a sleepover, according to the Korean outlet.

TWICE's Nayeon is another friend of Jennie's. Once, an old selfie of Jennie and Twice's Nayeon with BLACKPINK member Jisoo was revealed, showcasing their friendship. According to the Korean outlet, Jennie stated that the two spent a lot more time together when they had more spare time.

They now make every effort to connect whenever the occasion arises. They're even seen having matching nails.

Jennie is also friends with Winner's Mino, whom she met during her training days. Mino even supported Jennie during her SOLO promotion, which was the first time she was on stage without her BLACKPINK teammates.

Jennie has always supported Mino, even attending his first art exhibition in 2018. She also shared two sweet Instagram stories with photographs of them together to wish him a happy birthday.

Doyeon from Weki Meki is Jennie's other idol friend. The How You Like That music event brought Jennie and Weki Meki's lead singer, Doyeon. Jennie also posted a lovely selfie of both singers together on Instagram.

In the story's description, Jennie mentioned that she met Doyeon while promoting at a music show. Together with BLACKPINK, Weki Meki performed their new track Oopsy. Jennie also shared a video of Doyeon lip-syncing to BLACKPINK's song.

Chahee, a former Melody Day member, is also Jennie's friend. They were seen on lunch dates and various meet-ups together. The singer's Instagram posts and lovely images also have thrilled fans. Over the years, Chahee has been one of Jennie's closest friends. Since high school, Chahee, Jennie, and former Hello Venus member Lime have been best friends.

In various instances, fans have also witnessed Jennie and GFRIEND Yerin's friendship. In 2017, Yerin walked with Jennie at the end of an awards event. Backstage, Yerin and Jennie were seen grooving to TT while walking together.

While performing, BLACKPINK's Jennie even threw hearts at Yerin, towards which Yerin replied with the sweetest smiles and heartfelt expressions.

BLACKPINK has made numerous industry connections with K-pop idols and international artists such as Grimes, The Weeknd, and Ariana Grande. BLACKPINK Fans adore seeing their favorite musicians collaborate. The girl group has provided many beautiful encounters that BLINKs have enjoyed, and fans anticipate more such interactions.

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