5 dangerous BLACKPINK stage accidents

BLACKPINK iconic performance at Coachella (Image via Getty)
BLACKPINK iconic performance at Coachella (Image via Getty)

BLACKPINK is recognized for its exceptional music and the numerous world records they have achieved. The K-pop group is also noted for its stage presence and professionalism.

Multiple stage incidents occurred during the group's concerts, but each member's handling of the situation demonstrated their expertise as an artist. Most of the time, even fans are unaware of the mishaps and uncomfortable conditions that members face during performances.

Whether it's ROSÉ and Jisoo dealing with wardrobe malfunctions or ROSÉ simply throwing uncomfortable jewelry in the middle of a show that many people didn't notice during the performance.

Either it's Lisa having confetti under her mouth or Jennie's severe injury. The powerful four-piece girl group has grown even stronger over the years.

We've compiled a list of some dangerous BLACKPINK stage accidents that have resulted in injuries or hurtful to BLACKPINK members. Despite that, the group has continued to flourish.

Five most dangerous BLACKPINK accidents on stage

5) Lisa hit Jennie in the face by accident


During the group's performance on DDU-DU DDU-DU, Lisa's dress accessories accidentally hit Jennie in the face. The accessories appeared to be quite heavy, so it must have been extremely painful for Jennie at the time.

After the incident, Jennie continued to perform and demonstrated her competence. Despite several health challenges, such as breathing problems and an ankle injury, Jennie has shown professionalism during her performances.

One of the reasons her fancams often smash records is that her performance quality was never compromised. Despite the difficulties Jennie has endured, her fans have always praised her for her hard work.

4) Jisoo tripped over her leg


During Jisoo's performance on PLAYING WITH FIRE, she tripped over her leg. She continued to perform after that and handled the situation professionally.

It might have been much worse, but Jisoo managed the incident admirably and intact the choreography.

Because of such scenarios during concerts, fans have commended Jisoo's professionalism numerous times.

3) Jennie and Lisa bumped into each other

Jennie and Lisa bumped into each other (Image via BLACKPINK Fancam)
Jennie and Lisa bumped into each other (Image via BLACKPINK Fancam)

Jennie and Lisa bumped into each other during the group's performance. While performing behind Lisa, Jennie accidentally hurt her face. When Lisa discovered Jennie had been hurt, she asked whether Jennie was alright.

Jennie responded that she was fine while laughing adorably. Lisa and Jennie both laughed as they continued to perform. Both Jennie and Lisa were seen as extremely professional.

2) Jisoo’s face got hurt by Jennie’s foot


During the performance, Jennie accidentally kicked Jisoo in the face. BLACKPINK were performing their iconic song BOOMBAYAH on the In Your Area Tour in Jakarta, as seen on the BLACKPINK Fancam.

One of the dance moves during the performance was pulling Jennie up, and while doing so, Jennie accidentally kicked Jisoo near her ear.

Later, Jisoo put her hand on her ear, and Jennie stopped dancing and looked worried about Jisoo. Jisoo's safety was also a concern for the other members. Later on, BLACKPINK fans remarked on how professional Jisoo was in continuing to dance after the mishap.

Other BLACKPINK members were also praised for their professionalism, particularly ROSÉ, who continued to perform while the rest of the group looked for Jisoo. After assuring Jisoo was fine, other members also continued to perform.

1) Jennie’s ankle injury


BLACKPINK Arena Tour 2018 was finishing up in Osaka, Japan, as part of the group's world tour. During their WHISTLE performance, Jennie slipped down the stairs.

Jennie began her rap, but after a few lines, she slipped. She stopped singing, and the audience got concerned. Members were quick to notice what had happened and ensured Jennie's safety.

Although Jennie was seated on the stairs, she continued to perform her parts in the song. Fans praised Jennie for her professionalism, as well as the other members for checking in on each other even while performing.

The other members even sat with Jennie on the stairs and sang with her. First, ROSÉ came up to her and hugged Jennie while singing, as Jennie must have been worried.

Jisoo then did the same, comforting Jennie while singing with her. Lisa then came, and while dancing, she lifted everyone's spirits. Fans were delighted to witness the members' friendship.

ROSÉ also made sure Jennie was safe on stage the day following the incident, and fans couldn't be happier to see the BLACKPINK members stand by each other in every situation. The image of Jennie's ankle in a bandage was also posted after the show.

This isn't the first time the BLACKPINK rapper Jennie has been injured on stage. Jennie was also injured in 2016 while practicing for the group's debut stage on Inkigayo. Her ankle was promptly examined, and she was taken to the hospital.

According to a source, Jennie could not resume because of her injury, which prohibited her from even placing her foot on the ground. Jennie was undaunted by her injury and the severe pain she was in. After taking painkillers, she later came onto the stage and finished the recording.

After being examined, it was confirmed that Jennie did not have a significant injury. A source from YG Entertainment stated that her ankle was a little swollen on the other hand.

According to many fans who witnessed the occurrence at the time, she was even crying due to the pain. Thankfully, the injury was not major at the time. However, it was later revealed that her ankle injury significantly impacted her dance performances over a long period.

She still made sure to give her all to her admirers despite her injury. Jennie's fans praised her for being a true artist who never gave up.

Following these stage incidents, fans were concerned for the BLACKPINK members. Still, they were also ecstatic to learn about the group's bonding and how they care for one another while maintaining extreme professionalism on stage.

BLACKPINK is one of the world's most popular K-pop girl groups, and their music is always cherished among fans.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK fans are excitedly waiting for the group's next comeback as the group is reportedly making a comeback in June after a long time. The Korean music industry is also looking forward to seeing what the musicians have in store.

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