"Maybe the dumbest criminal ever": Brian Walshe Google search history baffles internet as Ana Walshe's husband is charged with murder

Brian Walshe has been charged with the murder of his wife Ana Walshe, (Image via @BrePWBZ/Twitter)
Brian Walshe has been charged with the murder of his wife Ana Walshe, (Image via @BrePWBZ/Twitter)

Brian Walshe, the husband of missing Massachusetts woman Ana, has been charged with the murder of his 39-year-old wife. Ana was reportedly last seen on January 1, 2023. She was allegedly scheduled to go on a work trip to Washington, DC, however, she never reached the airport.

Police discovered some gruesome details while investigating the missing woman’s husband. 46-year-old Brian was convicted of art swindling in 2021. He was further arrested on January 8, 2023, for misleading the police in the Ana Walshe missing case. Authorities have also recovered his search history.

Norfolk DA announced that an arrest warrant has already been issued in Brian’s name, on the charges of murdering his wife Ana. He was arraigned in Quincy District Court on Wednesday and ordered held without bail.

Former FBI agents mentioned that DNA results have possibly led to Brian Walshe’s arrest.

Brian Walshe's Google history around the time of his wife Ana Walshe's disappearance has shocked the internet

On January 1, 2023, a Massachusetts mom named Ana Walshe reportedly left her home to board a flight to Washington, DC. However, she did not make it to the airport. Brian Walshe, her husband, told investigators that he was sleeping when she left at 4 in the morning. Police did not initially consider him a suspect in the disappearance of Ana Walshe.

Later, upon further investigation, it was revealed that Brian Walshe was reportedly misleading the police and lying to them about his movements. Authorities found a damaged knife and blood in the basement of the Cohasset house where the couple resided.

Investigating officers further made a blood-curdling discovery as they went through Brian Walshe’s Google history. Brian had made searches for “how to dispose of a 115-pound woman’s body.” He had also looked online for ways to dismember a body. According to a CNN report, Walshe searched for these unsettling events sometime around Ana’s disappearance.

The unsettling search history consisted of searches like "How long before a body starts to smell?," "How long does DNA last?," "Luminol to detect blood," "How to clean blood from wooden floor?" and a lot more.

A former FBI agent named John Mulvaney told WBZ,

“Ideally, they would like to recover the body, but that certainly has not prevented successful prosecutions in murder cases where they’ve convicted the suspect when there is no body.”

He further added,

“In this particular case, my guess is that a lot of this evidence came back, a lot of the DNA came back to Ana Walshe and possibly his as well. We don't know if he was injured in some type of scuffle or whatnot.”

It is not yet clear if Ana Walshe’s body has been recovered. According to investigators, Brian Walshe was on house arrest for swindling art. He allegedly lied to them about going to Home Depot when he had gone to buy cleaning supplies worth $450.

Former FBI investigators believe that DNA matches have led to the 46-year-old’s arrest. Retired FBI agent Jennifer Coffindaffer told CBS Boston,

“Think of the friction used to utilize the tool, a hatchet, or a hacksaw, it would likely leave behind a touch of DNA and then obviously DNA from the victim.”

Experts believe there is enough circumstantial evidence to charge Brian with his wife’s murder

CBS Boston reported that according to experts, there is enough circumstantial evidence to charge Brian Walshe with Ana’s murder, even if the police can’t recover a body. Coffindaffer further stated,

“This was long coming. I believe that they developed DNA that probably just solidified this case and led to these charges.”

Authorities have not yet revealed the motive behind the alleged crime. However, former FBI agent Mulvaney believes that it might be financial stress that Brian Walshe was under, and also that he has been convicted of art swindling. However, police believe that the 2021 conviction has nothing to do with Ana’s disappearance or murder.

Former Assistant US Attorney Neama Rahmani said that she was glad that police have finally taken Brian into custody. Rahmani told Fox News Digital,

“I’m glad that they did finally arrest him [Brian Walshe] because there’s more than enough evidence. I know they're looking in different trash sites and they found something like a hacksaw, some other tools that they believe were used to dismember the body.”

Norfolk DA Michael Morrissey said,

“Additional details of the investigation and the evidence that supported those charges are likely to be presented at the arraignment, but will not be disclosed at this time.”

The Guardian tried to establish contact with Brian Walshe, however, no response has yet been received from his end. As has been mentioned before, he was initially charged with misleading the police when he allegedly hid facts about his movements around Ana’s disappearance. He pled not guilty to murdering his wife and a judge ordered him held without bail.

According to reports, Brian Walshe will have a status hearing on February 9.

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