Moon Knight Episode finale recap: The ultimate showdown between the Gods and Monsters (Spoilers)

Still from the finale of Marvel's Moon Knight (Image via Disney+)
Still from the finale of Marvel's Moon Knight (Image via Disney+)
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The highly-anticipated finale of Marvel's Moon Knight premiered today and left fans with some burning questions.

Directed by Mohamed Diab alongside Danielle Iman and Jeremy Slater as writers, the episode revolved around Arthur finally unleashing Ammit and Marc/Steven coming back to life and summoning the suit after Khonshu was unleashed by Layla.

It saw several aspects and ended with a rather confusing but mind-blowing cliffhanger.

Warning: This article contains spoilers.

Moon Knight Episode 6 recap


Episode 6 of Moon Knight opened with Marc dead in the tomb with a pair of bullet holes in his chest from the previous episode. Arthur stood over him after getting a hold of Ammit's statue.

He placed the scarab on Marc's chest, wishing peace to both Marc and Steven's souls. Meanwhile, Layla, who was hiding, listened to Arthur talk.

Arthur then asked his devotees if they would join him and Ammit in healing the world, and a bright purple light pulsed outwards, transforming his cane into a crocodile head on one end and an axe on the other. After Arthur left, Layla cried over Marc's body and placed it back in the water.

Arthur and his devotees then set out on a drive to Cairo but were stopped by the police force. Upon getting stopped by the officer, Arthur used his power to balance the scales of others. This led to the killing of several of the officers present.

Layla had also jumped in on one of the cars, and in the current scene, she crept up on Harrow. One of the dead officers looked up at Layla and tried to warn her, and this was none other than Tarawet, who had been helping Marc navigate the land of the dead.

Tarawet told Layla that she had to unleash Khonshu to bring Marc/Steven back to life and fight off Ammit and Arthur in Moon Knight.

The great resurrection

Outside of the great pyramid, Harrow and his devotees prepared themselves to get in. With the help of his newfound power, the outside of the pyramid started to open. Upon entering, Harrow killed all of the avatars immediately and unleashed Ammit.

Meanwhile, Layla sneaked in and found Khonshu's statue, unleashing the god. Since Marc/Steven is dead, Khonshu tries to con Layla into becoming his avatar, but she refuses. Ammit and Khonshu then fight one another until Marc is resurrected.

Marc was still in the sea of reeds in the afterlife after losing to Steven and nearing the end. He wished to go back and find Steven, but it was considered too dangerous by Tarawet in Moon Knight.

Marc was able to find Steven and expressed how much he meant to him. After a while, the sand started to affect Marc as the stone heart started glowing.

At the same time, the gate back to the land of the living opened, triggering a massive sandstorm. In came Tarawet with her sail barge and blocked the sand out to help Marc and Steven run through the gates.

Marc was then resurrected, and as he stood up, the bullets fell out. He also got his suit back and returned to see Khonshu. Marc and Steven negotiated with Khonshu about their release when Ammit was defeated, and Khonshu agreed.

They then realized that Arthur was far away from them, so Khonshu worked his magic and turned the day into night, enabling Moon Knight to fly.

Inside the tomb, Tarawet told Layla that to vanquish Ammit, they had to imprison her in a human body. On the other hand, Arthur continued to destroy the inside of the pyramid. Layla let Tarawet take over upon seeing him, transforming into her avatar in a whole new costume in Moon Knight.

Coming back to reality

Marc, as Moon Knight, flew to the pyramid to find Arthur, who was busy judging all of Cairo. Purple bolts of energy shot up into the sky, feeding Ammit, who grew huge as she consumed.

Layla emerged from the rubble in her new costume, helping Marc/Steven fight Arthur. Ammit and Khonshu could also be seen fighting above Cairo, who were as big as Godzilla and King Kong.

When Arthur got the upper hand over Marc, he blacked out, and when he gained consciousness, Arthur was on the ground after taking a good axing from the same cane he used. On the other hand, Layla seemed as confused as Marc upon the bodies lying in front of them.

Layla and Marc brought Arthur's body into the pyramid to perform a binding spell, and it worked. Ammit was successfully imprisoned in Arthur's body, upon which Khonshu urged Marc to kill Harrow but Marc refused to do so. Steven woke up in Dr. Harrow's office again as Arthur tried to convince him that none of it was real.

The scene saw several switches between Marc and Steven, noticing the bloody footprints Arthur was leaving behind, referring to the first episode. Marc closed his eyes again and found himself in Steven's flat.

There are now two fish in the fish tank, symbolizing Marc and Steven's new cohabitation of the body. He faceplanted on the floor as he got out of bed, thanks to Steven's precautionary measures.

Stream the finale of Marvel's Moon Knight on Disney+ and catch up on the story with previous episodes available on the platform.

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