"My reputation is being messed with": Valkyrae left upset after Snapchat accuses her of making an offensive "Black Lives Matter" joke

Image via Valkyrae/ YouTube
Image via Valkyrae/ YouTube
Saahil Agnelo Periwal

Rachel "Valkyrae" Hofstetter recently became the subject of a malicious Snapchat rumor, which accused her of making an obscene "Black Lives Matter" joke.

The 29-year old YouTuber and co-owner of 100 Thieves has endured a rather rough couple of hours lately, as she recently found herself being dragged into the ongoing Addison Rae x TommyInnit Dream SMP drama.

Without any proof or verification, scores of TikTok users began to spam her with unwarranted hate and criticism. Barely had she come to terms with this bizarre accusation that she found herself being slandered on Snapchat as well.

A recent Snapchat headline by Gaming Legends alleged that Valkyrae's "offensive joke" might ruin her career. The joke in question was a reference to the Black Lives Matter chat incident that recently marred one of her streams.

In response to the concerning Snapchat headline, Valkyrae recently took to streaming to address the same.

Snapchat under fire for accusing Valkyrae of making an offensive 'BLM joke', as streamer cites exhaustion amid Addison Rae TikTok drama


A few days back, Valkyrae was left utterly disappointed by the actions of her chat, who took advantage of a harmless statement of hers to poke fun at the ''Black Lives Matter" movement.

All she said was "LLM," an acronym for "Leslie's Life Matters," which was a harmless joke at the expense of fellow streamer Leslie, who was continuously dying in Among Us.

However, her statement was pounced upon by certain toxic elements in her chat, who used it as a means of mocking the Black Lives Matter moment.

In the aftermath of this unpleasant situation, she ended up holding herself accountable and ultimately broke down on stream.

Upon seeing her name being slandered on Snapchat with regards to the aforementioned situation, Valkyrae was understandably upset as she opened up about the same during a recent stream:

"Like Snapchat hates me. These titles are so messed up and so out of context! I didn't even joke..I did not joke about BLM, it is so messed up. I feel like my reputation is being super messed with. Especially with the clickbait and the whole TikTok thing that's going on It just sucks. "
"It feels bad cause I feel like there's a lot of people that would like my content but this is their first impression if they see it first and they're just going to think that it's true. It is straight up slander. It's exhausting. "

As her chat wondered if she was liable to sue for defamation, Valkyrae revealed that she was working with her team to devise a suitable means of tackling the misleading Snapchat headline.

"I already told my agent and 100 Thieves about it so they're helping me with it but I don't think it'll ever end honestly. "

The unwarranted hate against Valkyrae has reached such a point that it has understandably left her mulling over the very future of her streaming career.

In light of the barrage of hate and criticism that is being directed towards Valkyrae of late, several of her fans took to social media to slam such baseless accusations:

Image via CorpseFans/ YouTube
Image via CorpseFans/ YouTube
Image via CorpseFans/ YouTube
Image via CorpseFans/ YouTube

As Valkyrae's fans continue to rally behind her, it now remains to be seen if she does indeed take any kind of legal action against this kind of slander, which seems to be on the rise in today's digital age of social media.

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