Adidas sports bra ad leaves internet scandalized

Adidas new campaign for sports bra leaves internet scandalized (Image via adidaswomen / Instagram)
Adidas new campaign for sports bra leaves internet scandalized (Image via adidaswomen / Instagram)

The German sportswear giant, Adidas, just launched an extensive sports bra line, and we are all for it. However, what left many people in shock was the ad for the new campaign.

Adidas shared a sneak peek of their campaigns on their Instagram handle, which aims to bring forth the idea of size-inclusivity and awareness about a must-have item of clothing for women - a well-fitted sports bra. Many people liked the notion of the campaign but thought that the ad for their sports bra was a bit forward and might not be a fit for social media apps.

Public's reaction to new Adidas' campaign for sports bra line

Fans weren't happy with this Adidas campaign ad (Image via Instagram)
Fans weren't happy with this Adidas campaign ad (Image via Instagram)

The public has been really supportive of the campaign and the initiative taken by the brand towards inclusitivity and body-positivity. What they didn't like was the approach towards the campaign and how the brand casually posted explicit pictures of women's breasts on the internet.

One user commented under the post:

"Don't need actual picture of naked women to get your point across. Nice exploitation."

Some people also expressed how they felt that the brand was commercializing women's bodies and their bare breasts just for a campaign. They also pointed out that the idea of inclusivity could have been shared across without pictures of women's breasts being exposed onto a billboard, website homepage, or social media handles.

Twitter users further highlighted the brand's hypocrisy in their size-inclusivity. Although this campaign may include a number of sizes, the majority of the brand's apparel still has limited sizes and most of their cup sizes don't go past the D cup. Moreover, the majority of the brand's models have been slim in their previous campaigns.

The public was enraged by this ad and many thought it to be an unprofessional and immature move on the brand's part. According to fans, Adidas should have taken into consideration younger kids on social media and their discomfort towards female nudity as they're coming of age.

All about Adidas' new sports bra campaign


This Valentine's Day, German sportswear giant will launch its new collection. The collection is being launched in a partnership with the University of Portsmouth, a research body based in the U.K. that is an independent public university specializing in breast biomechanics.

The collection will feature 43 styles and 73 fits (sizes) in all: low, medium, and high support. It will be available across the site and 18 product franchises so that it can fit all customers. The campaign also wants to kickstart conversations about poor breast support and the impact it can cause on performance as well as the wearer's health.

According to the studies by University of Portsmouth, less support can lead to pain while making a movement, and more than 90% of women are believed to be wearing the wrong sports bra size. The study also clarifies that using the wrong sports bra and less support can cause damaging stretch marks.

The new sports bra collection will be available worldwide on February 14, 2022, on their official website and at retail stores as well. The price range for the products will be $36- $84 , depending upon the style.

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