BTS' Jimin appears on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon for his first solo album FACE's promotions

BTS' Jimin on Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show (Image via Twitter/@FallonTonight)

Following the show-stopping release of BTS' Jimin's first solo album, FACE, the idol debuted as a solo guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Friday, March 24, 2023.

Fans have been particularly excited about Jimin appearing on the show, given the great chemistry the idol and Jimmy Fallon have showcased in their previous meetups and interviews with BTS.

Much to fans' expectations, the two hit off well, and ARMYs loved watching them freely conversing despite the language barriers. BTS' Jimin and Jimmy Fallon talk about many things apart from the inspirations behind the idol's FACE album.

From choosing his favorite nicknames to teaching Jimmy Fallon a concert dance move, fans are happy to see the enthusiastic and cheerful Jimin back in the game.


BTS' Jimin talks about his solo debut, relationship with fellow members, his favorite nicknames, and more

After years of yearning for a reunion between Jimmy Fallon and the BTS members, fans' prayers have finally been answered, thanks to BTS' Jimin's solo debut, FACE.

Since Jimmy Fallon and Jimin are no strangers to each other, they're already seen to be at ease in each other's company. After some casual small talk, Jimmy Fallon followed up with a question about the other BTS members.

Given that BTS is currently concentrating on their solo projects, the host of the show asked him if the members keep in touch with each other despite the difference in schedules. BTS' Jimin replied:

"We keep in touch. With j-hope, with SUGA, everyone!"

Jimmy quickly moved into slightly more serious topics. Pulling out Jimin's childhood picture, the host asked if becoming an idol and making music has always been his dream. Jimin said:

"When I was in middle school I found interest in dance, and since then it was always by dream to perform on stage."

The interview again took a turn when Jimmy asked Jimin about his long list of nicknames.

"Jimin, you have a lot of nicknames, by the way. Mochi, ChimChim, Little Prince, Dooly... Do you have a favorite nickname?"

Once again proving the amazing chemistry between the idol and the host, the former's reply that his favorite nickname is Jimin Fallon had both flustered.

Soon after, Jimmy brought up BTS' honorable presence at the White House beside the American President, Joe Biden, and asked him to share his experience. Jimin mentioned:

"It was such a great honor to have an opportunity to participate in such an important cause, and make a positive impact. He (Joe Biden) talked about how more people should have keen interests in current issues and it also got me thinking deepl about them."

Later in the interview, Jimin also proved that his admiration for Halsey remains strong. When asked about an artist he gets starstruck with, without much hesitation, Jimin replied:

"Halsey. She has a big heart and she has the talent that would make anyone starstruck. All our members love her."

Finally, addressing the purpose of BTS' Jimin's appearance on the show, Jimmy Fallon shoots the idol with a question asking about his inspiration behind the album FACE and what it represents to him.

"I think many are aware of it, but the album looks back on the emotions I felt chronologically througout the pandemic. So, I would be happy if many people could relate to it."

BTS' Jimin further revealed whether the BTS members share their songs and at what stage of their composition they do so.

"Once the lyrics are done and when it is put to the music, so when it's completed to some extent, that's when we let one another listen to it."

As the two were nearing the show's end, Jimmy Fallon spontaneously requested Jimin to teach him a dance move that he could use at concerts. The idol enthusiastically agreed to the same, and fans swooned over their friendship once again.

With a lot of exciting information released following BTS' Jimin' appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, fans can't wait to see more of the idol in his solo promotions.

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Edited by Shreya Das