BTS’ SUGA confesses that members don’t view themselves as uncomfortable to be around on Suchwita

BTS' SUGA dishes on pressures of the septet's fame in Suchwita (Image via Twitter/ @SUGAJelly9339)

On Thursday, January 5, BTS’ SUGA hosted the second episode of Suchwita with veteran host and comedian Shin Dong-yup. The duo bonded over music, revealing the challenges they faced in their respective careers and sharing honest stories with each other over alcohol.

Shin Dong-yup is no stranger to BTS, as he has interviewed the hit boy band's members on multiple occasions before.

At one point on Suchwita, he pointed out that a lot of BTS’ peers and different groups weren’t too comfortable approaching them. SUGA confessed that due to BTS’ fame and stature, people find it difficult to approach them, which is disheartening as the members have never viewed themselves as "uncomfortable" or "unapproachable" to be around.

BTS’ SUGA reveals that the group’s meteoric fame makes their peers difficult to approach them

Veteran host and comedian Shin Dong-yup spoke about the Proof singers’ time on the KBS special Let’s BTS together and also about their worldwide popularity and how everyone was in awe of their success.

BTS’ SUGA then revealed that the group’s oldest member Jin appeared on various variety shows before his enlistment. Later, Shin Dong-yup confided in the Daechwita singer that he had noticed that people felt uncomfortable being around and approaching him and his other bandmates.

To this, BTS’ SUGA replied with an affirmative, stating that he believes their meteoric success has made it difficult for their peers to approach them. Because of this monumental success, most of their peers have developed an inherent bias with respect to their fame and popularity, which gives them an aura of unapproachability and untouchability.

Previously, group leader RM also addressed the pressures of their fame and being a part of BTS alongside SUGA on Suchwita’s opening episode. The Wildflower artist revealed that once the boy band and its members became household names, people began perceiving them differently. Some tried to latch onto their popularity, while others distanced themselves from BTS.

RM confessed that it is difficult to establish relationships on equal footing and hence, it is difficult to have relationships which involve pure intentions at their stature.

Shin Dong-yup sympathized with the group and chimed in that perhaps because BTS doesn’t do too much activity outside their group due to HYBE’s strict policies, peers develop pre-conceived notions about the group. They often misunderstand the Dynamite singers to be arrogant or self-obsessed, when in reality, this is far from the truth.

BTS’ SUGA joked that members can freely be themselves in homegrown variety shows like Run BTS! or In The SOOP and show their funny and carefree sides, and that they are “out of their right minds.“

He added that now that members are branching outside their comfort zones and working on their solo endeavors and collaborating with artists from other companies, this can help their peers see them in a different light and change perceptions about them.

BTS’ SUGA’s new pictures spark rumours of an upcoming solo album

On January 5, BTS’ SUGA shocked ARMYs by dropping four new stunning portrait photos on his Instagram handle. In the shirtless photos, the Daechwita singer can be seen with his upper half of the body decorated with interesting props, which include blue-colored moss-like flowers in the first set of pictures and pink floss in the second set.

The pictures sent the internet into a tizzy and ARMYs began wondering if BTS’ SUGA is the next member in line to release his solo album after all. So far, members Jin, j-hope, and RM have released their solo albums. With SUGA releasing his solo album, BTS’ 'hyung line' will complete their album releases and perhaps enlist in the mandatory Korean military.

Post this, the group’s “maknae line” members -- Jimin, Jung Kook, and V -- will release their albums. So far, BTS’ SUGA has released two mixtapes - Agust D and D-2.

In other news, eagle-eyed ARMYs might have finally spotted SUGA’s elusive “7” tattoo, thanks to his new photoshoot pictures. They have figured that his “7” tattoo is behind his right ear.

Despite flower props and his long hair concealing the better part of the tattoo, fans still got a glimpse of it through the hair strands.

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