BTS’ V’s fans create an Underground City with 17,199 LED screens for his upcoming birthday celebrations

BTS' V's Chinese fanbase are planning to build an underground city for him (Image via Twitter/@btsargento)

BTS’ V’s global fanbases are leaving no stone unturned to make his birthday a grand affair. Recently, the pop idol's Chinese fanbase "China Baidu V Bar" announced its "Underground City" project, comprising 17,199 LED screens, that aims to decorate South Korea’s underground subway stations with the Sweet Night singer’s photos.

Kim Taehyung, aka BTS’ V, will celebrate his 27th birthday on December 30, 2022, and ARMYs are planning to run the "Underground City" subway project from December 20 to January 3, displaying some rare and high-quality pictures of BTS’ V, for both domestic and international fans to enjoy as they celebrate the special day.

BTS’ V’s Chinese fanbase aim to create a new record for the largest South Korean subway support

"China Baidu V Bar" is aiming to create the "Underground City" with 17,199 LED screens covering South Korea’s major cities - Seoul, Daegu, Busan, and other South Korean regions.

It is reported that this will create the record for the largest South Korean subway support to date. "China Baidu V Bar" hopes to provide the highest coverage of all subway routes across the country for the Inner Child singer’s birthday.

The birthday ads will run during different time slots, ranging between five to six minutes and thirty minutes, depending on the city. To ensure it gains maximum traction, the LED screens will be visible from the passageway, waiting room, and the entrance and exit on all nine subway lines.

Additionally, BTS’ V’s birthday ads will broadcast on TV screens, electronic display boards, and monitors at subway stations, covering possibly every available screen. Heartfelt birthday messages will also be posted on large LED billboards.

The ambitious "Underground City" birthday project will run from December 20 to January 3 and can be enjoyed by Korean fans and commuters much after his birthday as well.

ARMYs who spotted these LED screens and birthday messages took to social media to share their excitement at spotting their beloved idol on the big screen.

Additionally, "NUNA V," the singer's biggest Korean fansite, has put together an extensive birthday project for the artist that involves LED screen videos placed throughout the Art Media Tunnel of Incheon International Airport. Two different birthday ads will run in honor of the Christmas Tree singer at the Tunnel and remain there until mid-January.

Meanwhile, fans around the world are planning donations, charity drives, and listening parties for V.

BTS’ V will be participating in the spin-off of Youn’s Kitchen

BTS’ V will be participating in the spin-off of the popular Korean variety show Youn’s Kitchen, titled Seo Jin’s, which is produced by PD Na Young-suk.

In this interesting variety show, a bunch of Korean celebrities are recruited to run a Korean restaurant in a foreign country, whose citizens speak a language different from theirs, and serve them.

V will join his Wooga Squad besties Park Seo-joon and Choi Woo-sik on this adventure. The stars have reportedly filmed the show in Mexico as various Mexican ARMYs have spotted the Singularity singer in their country and shared anecdotes on social media about seeing him as well.

When asked about V’s participation, the producers of the variety show replied saying they could not confirm concrete details to ensure that the show ran smoothly. They also requested fans for their understanding and assured them that they will reveal the details eventually, adding:

“Please tune in to the show when it airs to find out.”

Seo Jin’s is currently slated to premiere in the first half of 2023. A formal announcement regarding this is also awaited.

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