“Congratulations”: ARMYs celebrate as BTS’ Dynamite becomes the first foreign song to surpass 700 million streams in Oricon history

Featuring BTS (Image via Bighit Entertainment)
Featuring BTS (Image via Bighit Entertainment)

On April 12, 2023, the South Korean media outlet Herald Pop reported that BTS’ Dynamite has become the first ever foreign song to surpass 700 million streams in Oricon history. The English single recorded approximately 1,845,700 hits between April 3 to April 9 on Japan’s largest music site, Oricon.

Released in August 2020, BTS’ Dynamite was the first ever full-length English song by the group, and it soon became one of the biggest hits of the year. The single won many accolades, including a Grammy nomination, in the same year. Fans from all over the world cheered for the group for creating the hit track, which lifted their spirits during the Covid-19 period.

As soon as news about BTS’ Dynamite making an Oricon record broke, ARMYs could not contain their excitement over the group’s new feat and took to social media to congratulate the artists.

“J-ARMY you are amazing”: Fans are complimenting Japanese ARMYs for making BTS’ Dynamite the first foreign song to top Oricon charts

Given that Oricon is a Japanese music chart that takes into account the songs streamed in Japan, fans from all over the globe are grateful to native fans for their incredible support, which made the English single top the chart. BTS’ Dynamite has also become the second song after Yoasobi’s Yoru Ni Kakeru to surpass 700 million streams domestically.

Fans are elated about the group’s latest achievement and are sharing posts calling the members "king" for creating an Oricon history. They are praising the seven members of the group for their hard work and achieving this new milestone. Take a look at how fans are reacting to the latest feat achieved by BTS’ Dynamite in Japan:

When BTS’ Dynamite was released in 2020, it was praised by several music critics for its eye-catching choreography, brilliant vocals, and appealing retro sound that had the potential to make anyone dance to the hit number.

BTS’ Dynamite also helped the group achieve their first Grammy nomination for Best Pop Duo/Group performance at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards, making them the first Korean act to be nominated at the Grammys.

Further, BTS’ Dynamite also created a record for staying atop the Billboard Hot 100 for three consecutive weeks. The song debuted with 7.778 million streams on the day of its release, marking the biggest opening-day for the song in 2020. BTS also became the first foreign act to earn a diamond certification from the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ), exceeding 500 million streams.

At the Japan Gold Disc Awards held in 2021, BTS’ Dynamite grabbed three awards, including Song of the Year by Streaming, Song of the Year by Download, and Best 5 Songs by Streaming.

More about the recent activities of BTS members

The eldest member of the group, BTS’ Jin, is currently enlisted for his mandatory military service and is serving in the South Korean army. J-Hope is the second member of the group to enlist in the military, as reported by media outlets on April 18. He recently released his solo single on the street as a farewell present for his fans and was also named the global ambassador for the brand Louis Vuitton.

Meanwhile, Suga is set to release his official solo album D-Day and recently released his collaboration song People Pt.2. with IU. On the other hand, BTS' leader RM recently became the brand ambassador for Bottega Veneta and released his official solo album INDIGO.

BTS' Jimin is occupied with the promotions of his latest album FACE and has become the only Korean soloist to debut a song at No.1 position on Billboard Hot 100.

Jungkook, the group's golden maknae, has recently been rumored to have collaborated with famous artist Justin Bieber for an upcoming musical project. The youngest member of BTS recently became the brand ambassador for Calvin Klein. Meanwhile, Kim Tae-hyung has been named the brand ambassador for SimInvest and Celine.

BTS members are currently occupied with their individual activities, and their group activities have been halted for the time being as they are set to enlist in the military.

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