"Each other's safe place": ARMYs gush over BTS’ V as he talks about his fellow bandmate, Jungkook during his appearance on Spotify’s KPOP ON!

Taekook shine again (Images via Twitter/Kpop_Herald and chartjungkook)
Taekook shine again (Images via Twitter/Kpop_Herald and chartjungkook)

BTS' V, also known as Kim Taehyung, recently graced the latest episode of Spotify's K-pop ON! This series of V spans five exciting episodes, running from September 8 to September 12. The inaugural episode made its debut on September 8, 2023, and it offered fans a unique glimpse into V's world, especially his solo debut album, Layover.

K-pop ON! typically features stars participating in a variety of games while engaging in insightful interviews and answering intriguing questions posed by the staff. However, what truly captured fans' hearts during BTS' V's episode were his recurrent references to his bandmate and close friend, Jungkook, affectionately known as his K-pop best friend. Taehyung's multiple mentions of Jungkook sent the "Taekook" fandom into a delightful frenzy.

V also became the second member of BTS to make an appearance on Spotify's K-pop ON!, following Jungkook. Fans who ardently support these two talented artists were ecstatic after watching the first episode featuring V.

"Partners in crime": BTS' V and Jungkook's friendship leaves fans gushing

The episode began with V introducing himself and progressing into discussions about his album. He expressed his passion for gaming, emphasizing that he loves to play games, and promised to give his best to the episode's challenges.

His first task was a puzzle game involving his own photo, and he took the opportunity to explain the album's significance. While describing Layover, he said,

“It is an album that’s about the starting point of my life. It’s very rare for us to go directly to the final destination of our lives. So, briefly rest, self-reflect, look back on your goals, and take some time. That’s why I named the album as Layover.”

As the episode unfolded, two particular games majorly grabbed the attention from fans. The first, known as "song bingo," required V to complete a 9-song bingo card. He was tasked with listing K-pop songs he recommended, as well as songs recommended to him by the ARMY.

Interestingly, while the fan-recommended songs omitted Jungkook's Seven, V's list featured it as his top choice. His endearing reference to Jungkook's song, Seven, as "our team's maknae's song," delighted fans and emphasized their close friendship.

In another engaging moment, V played a game involving retrieving balls from an inflatable tub using a magnetic fishing rod. During this challenge, he was asked, "Which BTS member would you take to a deserted island?," to which V promptly responded with "Jungkookie" due to Jungkook's versatility and willingness to assist with any task.

His exact words were,

"Jungkookie, because he is good at all kinds of things and if I ask him to do something, he’ll do it."

He reiterated how he had recorded some of his songs at Jungkook's residence and praised his role in directing the process.

These heartfelt exchanges between V and Jungkook didn't go unnoticed by fans. Many drew parallels to Jungkook's appearance on the same program, where he spoke fondly of Taehyung as well. Jungkook had mentioned that Taehyung was the first to listen to his solo song, Seven.

V also shared some of his recommended songs during the game. His choices included ENHYPEN's Bite Me, his own tracks Slow Dancing and Love Me Again, NewJeans' Hype Boy, and Aespa's Better Things.

These recurrent mentions of each other by Taehyung and Jungkook provided Taekook enthusiasts with yet another opportunity to celebrate and cherish the never-waning friendship and bond between these two talented BTS members.

V's debut album, Layover, was released on Friday, September 8, 2023. He also released the music video of the track Slow Dancing.

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