"Epitome of toxicity": DJ Brownskin video of wife dying on live goes viral, sparks mass outrage 

DJ Brownskin
DJ Brownskin's video recording of wife dying leaves netizens enraged (Image via the_sambu/Twitter and djbrownskin_fullu_fullu/Instagram)

A video of Kenyan musician DJ Brownskin recording his wife as she consumes poison has resurfaced online. The mother of his children, Sharon Njeri Mwangi, passed away in July last year.

Although the clip did not make it online at the time of her passing, the jarring recording has now remerged, leaving the artist garnering immense backlash online. At the time of writing this article, law enforcement had not released a statement on Mwangi’s death.

Trigger Warning: This article contains media and content related to suicide. Reader's discretion is advised.

For those unversed, DJ Brownskin, whose real name is Michael Macharia Njiri, is a popular musician best known for his music tracks. He is well known in Kenya and has amassed a massive following of 38.9 followers on Instagram. As per his social media account, he thoroughly enjoys playing at concerts and is expected to perform this weekend with The Four Play. He is also the father of two children.

Recently, a video of him recording his wife, Shawon Mwangi, consuming a drink has gone viral across social media platforms. In the disturbing clip, the latter can be seen mixing a concoction. It has been reported that DJ Brownskin encouraged his wife to consume the drink. She then proceeds to chug the unknown beverage and throw the cup towards her husband. A few moments later, she can be seen writhing in pain. One of the couple’s children can also be seen attempting to help Mwangi. The video ends before Mwangi passes away.

Netizen reacts to video recording of DJ Brownskin's wife dying (Image via Twitter)
Netizen reacts to video recording of DJ Brownskin's wife dying (Image via Twitter)

It remains unclear as to how the video made its way online. It also remains unknown whether DJ Brownskin coerced his wife into consuming the deadly concoction or whether he was an accomplice to the act.

The cause behind Sharon Mwangi’s death was not released to the public at the time of writing this article.


Netizens react to viral DJ Brownskin video

Internet users were enraged when they viewed the upsetting video. Many could not believe that DJ Brownskin did nothing to help his wife and simply recorded her in her last moments. Several netizens urged the police to hold the musician accountable for his actions.

As netizens relentlessly attacked Brownskin for his doings, a picture of him posing at his wife’s funeral has gone viral on social media as well. He can be seen wearing a pair of glasses, a jacket and a t-shirt with what seems like his wife’s face printed on it. Netizens found the image offensive.

Brownskin had not commented on the video going viral at the time of writing this article.

A day after his wife’s death, Brownskin took to his official Instagram page to post an image of his family together. He also wrote in the caption:

“Your death left a gaping hold in my life that I fill with the love we shared.”

It seems like the death is yet to be investigated. Speaking about the video and whether it would be admissible in court as evidence, constitutional lawyer Bobby Mkangi opined:

“If it meets the evidence threshold, it will be an item but some parameters would have to be established such as when it was produced, how it was produced if it would be contested and whether it has been tampered with.”

According to Mwangi’s obituary, she was buried in her father’s native town, the Koimbe Weithaga Village, on August 6, 2022.

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