"He has feelings and they are so valid": Quackity receives support after sharing an update on Wilbur Soot's allegations

Quackity shared an update on Wilbur Soot (Image via Instagram / quackity / wilbursoot)
Quackity shared an update on Wilbur Soot (Image via Instagram / quackity / wilbursoot)

Quackity finally opened up and shared an update regarding Wilbur Soot's allegations. American YouTuber Shelby Shubble, also known as Shelby Graces, alleged on February 24 on Twitch that Wilbur Soot, a fellow creator and her ex-partner, had physically abused her.

Wilbur is well-known for being a YouTuber for Minecraft and a member of the Dream SMP. Later, he also became a member of the QSMR community.

On the other hand, Quackity is a well-known Mexican YouTuber who gained recognition for his lively Discord competitions and his regular Twitch raids in online gaming communities. When the young YouTuber first opened his channel in 2013, he often uploaded footage of Club Penguin and the Toontown game.


QSMP is actually a project that Quackity started. It is the first multilingual Minecraft Survival Multiplayer server with real-time translation. and Wilbur Soot was a part of it as he is also a YouTuber known for Minecraft.

Recently, on March 3, the host of QSMP opened up regarding Wilbur Soot and his current allegation in a video that was uploaded on both X and YouTube. In the clip, he said.

“I've been notified about an ongoing situation regarding Quackity Studios and I want to address it.”

He then went on to say,

“I need to let everyone know that Wilbur is no longer part of the QSMP.”

Meanwhile, once the clip went viral on the platform, people took to X to provide support to Quackity and express their opinions regarding the entire thing.

Netizens react to Quackity’s video about Wilbur Soot

The host of QSMR released a video where he talked about Wilbur Soot (Image via Instagram / quackity / wilbursoot)
The host of QSMR released a video where he talked about Wilbur Soot (Image via Instagram / quackity / wilbursoot)

As per BNN Breaking, recently, YouTuber Shelby Shubble accused Dream SMP member and her ex-partner, Wilbur Soot, of alleged physical assault. Shelby claimed that Soot had developed a habit of biting her on a daily basis, to the extent that she would experience excruciating agony and had marks on her arms.

According to the same source, Shelby further reportedly claimed that he would not stop and would even bite harder. Eventually, his tendencies had gotten so bad that she frequently had to use a safe word to get him to stop.

Addressing this, Shelby Grace even disclosed on Twitch on February 24 that,

“He would even joke that it looked like he abused me. And eventually he did acknowledge how bad it looked that I was covered in bruises all the time, so he stopped biting my arms as often and he started biting my legs instead.”

She allegedly went on to accuse the latter of leading a dirty life in her allegations as well. This confirms prior charges that the streamer has a propensity to bite people and keeps his home unhygienic. Since then, Wilbur Soot appears to have published a statement of his own.

On February 27, Soot took to X to acknowledge and admit that he had become a slobbering, rude, and self-centered person during the final few months of his relationship with Shelby. He wrote,

“These actions caused a lot of pain to my ex-girlfriend and I’ve since sought therapy to address these behaviours, making significant lifestyle changes to rectify my past actions."

Now, amidst this ongoing controversy, Quackity has shared a crucial update about QSMP and Wilbur Soot on X and YouTube. This is because Soot was a part of QSMR. However, he said in the video that Soot will no longer be a part of the QSMP team.

Once the clip was made public, netizens took to X to express their opinion regarding the entire thing and sympathize with Quackity. Some even deduced that it appeared from the audio clip that he might have been crying.

Even though Soot agreed to some allegations, he denied the non-consensual nature of his actions and described them as "consensual, playful, and reciprocally enjoyed.”

Nevertheless, Shelby Shubble became quiet since the allegations and didn't say anything further about the scandal. On the other hand, since the video, Quackity also hasn’t said anything more about the entire incident.

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