"Hope these people are happy with the creep they support": Eva Longoria and Joe Biden video goes viral, sparks outrage online

Eva Longoria and Joe Biden
Eva Longoria and Joe Biden's viral video from the White House South Lawn sparks outrage online. (Image via Getty Images)

U.S. President Joe Biden has sparked outrage after a video of him and actress Eva Longoria went viral on Twitter. On Thursday, June 15, the 80-year-old President welcomed the 40-year-old actress on the White House South Lawn for a film screening of Eva’s directorial debut, Flamin’ Hot.

In the short clip that went viral, Joe Biden and Eva Longoria can be seen sharing a hug while Joe’s hands were close to Eva’s body. However, the actress handled the situation by pulling back from the embrace and flashing a smile at the crowd.

The discomfort of the moment was felt by many netizens as they shared the clip on Twitter and called out Joe Biden. One Twitter user, Tim Young, shared the video and said it was “gross” and called Joe Biden a “creep,” mockingly adding that they hoped Joe’s supporters were happy with him.

Netizens slam Joe Biden for trying to grope Eva Longoria

The short clip made many viewers uncomfortable and they spoke out against the President. Several people said that Joe Biden has no respect for anyone and does not understand the concept of boundaries.

Some people also tagged the actress in their tweets and wrote that they hoped Eva would speak out against Biden's behavior. One person said that they were sorry Eva had to deal with it. However, another person asked whether the actress' silence on the matter would make her an enabler.

Internet slams Joe Biden for trying to grope Eva Longoria. (Image via Twitter/@stickyfrogg)
Internet slams Joe Biden for trying to grope Eva Longoria. (Image via Twitter/@stickyfrogg)

Joe Biden makes a joke about Eva Longoria's age

Biden also made a joke about the former Desperate Housewives star’s age, which earned him another bout of backlash on social media. While speaking to the crowd gathered outside the executive mansion, Joe Biden said that he and Eva have known each other for a long time.

“She was 17, I was 40."

It looked like Joe was trying to jokingly pass himself off as younger, as Eva would have been seven when he turned 40. Although Biden’s remarks drew some laughter from the crowd, the comment did not amuse the internet, and a number of people branded the President as "creepy" and even a "p*dophile" for making such a joke.

Many claimed that the media laughed off Biden’s creepy remark as funny, but if former President Donald Trump made the joke, he would have been criticized. Some people also pointed out that Joe Biden has a habit of making disturbing jokes that cannot be considered funny.

Eva Longoria has been a longtime ally of the Democratic party and also backed Joe Biden in 2020. She has previously appeared on the campaign trail alongside Joe when he was Barack Obama's running mate.


Eva’s latest film, Flamin’ Hot, demonstrates the story of the Mexican American Janitor Richard Montanez, who is working at Frito-Lay and sold his employers on the idea to spice up the snack brand Cheetos.

The movie was released on June 9.

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