How much is The Daily Wire worth? Steven Crowder net worth explored amid $50 million contract dispute

Steven Crowder is a conservative YouTuber. (Image via Facebook/DailyWire, YouTube/Steven Crowder)
Steven Crowder is a conservative YouTuber. (Image via Facebook/DailyWire, YouTube/Steven Crowder)

American-Canadian media host Steven Crowder is currently feuding with the conservative news website, The Daily Wire, over a $50 million contract.

On January 17, the 35-year-old uploaded a 28-minute YouTube video, wherein he stated that conservative media giants "are no better than Big Tech" companies. Without taking any names, he captioned the video as:

“The people you thought were fighting for you have been putting quick profits and the appeasement of their tech overlords ahead of any real conservative values.”

In the video, the media personality explained how he once thought all the right-wing media were "together" against their fight with Big Tech, but added that many of the top executives "in charge of the big conservative platforms” are "verifiably in bed with them.”

“Big Tech is in bed with Big Con[servative]; a lot of it has been a big con.”

Moreover, he showed the contracts he had been offered by the rightwing media and their terms and conditions of lowering his compensation in case they were not met.

At first, one might think that Steven Crowder could be talking about Fox Media, which is also conservative, but it actually is The Daily Wire, worth about $150 million, which is trying to expand itself and plans on creating movies and media dedicated to children with a limited fanbase.

How much is Steven Crowder's net worth as compared to The Daily Wire?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Crowder's estimated net worth is $4 million, which he has earned over the years with his daily podcast and YouTube channel Louder with Crowder.

As for The Daily Wire, Axios reported in February 2022 that the conservative media house is estimated to be of $100 million. In April of the same year, Forbes estimated its net worth to be $150 million, with 200 full-time employees.

On January 18, the Co-CEO of The Daily Wire, Jeremy Boreing, uploaded a video on the organization's YouTube channel, wherein he addressed Steven Crowder's offers and claims, and confirmed that the latter was indeed talking about his company.


In a 52-minute video, Boreing claimed that Steven Crowder is "one of the top entertainers in the country" but at the same time, finds it offensive that he is pretending to be the only person behind his success even though he has been funded by billionaires and big corps all the time.

"I think Steven is one of the most talented entertainers in the conservative movement. But Steven never had to create the company that actually distributes markets and monetizes all of that content."

He then pointed out what he found offensive in Crowder's video.

"Steven, all the time I have known him, has worked for someone else, has been paid by someone else. But that does not mean other people tell him what to say. But he is not exactly a self-made man. He was paid by PJ TV when I met him which was owned by a billionaire at the time. Then he was owned by CRTV for a number of years, which was owned by a billionaire at the time."

He stated that Steven Crowder earned "a ton of revenue" from all his endeavors, adding that he did not have to build all of that and that he "did not have to think about it:"

"He didn't necessarily have to be profitable and he doesn't know for a fact he if was or not because, as he said, all those companies did not share about what was happening with them. So Steven feels very certain that his show was profitable, but he doesn't know."

In the same video, a photo of his contract was also flashed across that mentioned Crowder's fee to be "$50 million for the initial term, plus $25 million for the renewal term is extended."

As of writing, Steven Crowder has not commented on the latest video by The Daily Wire.

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