"I wasn’t always this guarded": Park Seo-joon opens up about being stalked, says it is the reason for not commenting on dating rumors

Park Seo-joon reveals details of when he was stalked (Image via Instagram/bn_sj2013)
Park Seo-joon reveals details of when he was stalked (Image via Instagram/bn_sj2013)

South Korea’s famous actor Park Seo-joon revealed that he was a victim of stalking, in an interview with Wikitree on August 1, 2023. The 34-year-old actor spoke to the South Korean outlet ahead of his anticipated movie, Concrete Utopia’s release on August 9. He mentioned that he was guarded about his private life for a specific reason and revealed some terrifying details.

The Concrete Utopia actor was recently embroiled in dating allegations with a female YouTuber, xooos. When he was asked about the same in a previous interview, he replied that he felt pressured to reveal anything about his personal life and hoped that the media would direct their attention towards the upcoming movie.

In the most recent interview, Park Seo-joon shared how he had witnessed a car following him wherever he went. He added that the specific car would sometimes reach the location he meant to visit even before him.

“I wasn’t always this guarded, but there is a reason (I didn’t comment). Has this ever happened to you? When you leave the parking lot but you see the same car constantly following you? They even know where I am about to go, and there are times when they arrive there before me.” (Translation via Koreaboo)

The Concrete Utopia star mentioned that he is stalked to this day as well. He even added that he has stopped posting pictures of his family because of the fear that they might be harmed.

Park Seo-joon reveals why he chooses to stay on guard and private about his personal life

Park Seo-joon, considered one of the A-list stars of the South Korean acting industry, has a following of over 25 million on Instagram. Although he occasionally shares pictures from his daily routine, he mostly steers away from revealing too much about his personal life.

It was a similar case when he was involved in a dating controversy with popular YouTuber xooos, aka Kim Soo-yeon, in June. However, he denied revealing any personal details.

In the most recent interview, Park Seo-joon mentioned the reason why he stays guarded about his personal life. He spoke to Wikitree ahead of Concrete Utopia’s premiere and opened up about being a victim of stalking. He recalled the stalking incidents and said that they were “creepy and scary.”

The Concrete Utopia actor added that these incidents have made him keep things to himself.

“These experiences kept me in my room. There are times when the same person follows me in a different car. This happened before and still happens now from time to time. I think these experiences have changed me this way.”

Park Seo-joon also added that he is living “carefully” so as not to have anyone negatively affect his family. He shared that he regretted posting photos of his family members on social media.

“I live carefully not to cause harm to my family members. Before, I would upload photos of my family members because they liked it, but after going through this, I regret doing so. Once I realized that I could (bring harm) to the people closest to me, I didn’t know where to draw the line.” (Translations via Koreaboo)

Meanwhile, Park Seo-joon’s agency, Awesome ENT, also previously shared a statement regarding the dating allegations. It stated that it was “difficult to confirm” the same since the speculations surrounded their artist’s personal life.

In other news, Park Seo-joon will first be seen in Concrete Utopia and then make his Marvel debut with The Marvels soon, where he is reported to play Prince Yan, Captain Marvel’s husband in an alternate universe.

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