IU and Lee Jong-suk’s combined wealth stands at $78.7 million US Dollars 

IU and Lee Jong-suk
IU and Lee Jong-suk's combined wealth stands at $78.7 million US Dollars (Image via Twitter/@whereisthebuzz)

IU and Lee Jong-suk’s friends-to-lovers story has delighted K-pop fans across the world. The idols first met as hosts on SBS’ Inkigayo and soon became friends with each other. Over the years, they got closer and remained on very good terms until a couple of months ago, when the pair started dating each other and graduated from being friends to being a couple.

The pair even celebrated Christmas together in Nagoya, Japan, with Lee Jong-suk making all the arrangements for IU and her younger brother’s stay in Nagoya.

Not only are IU and Lee Jong-suk two of the biggest Hallyu stars in the world, but they also boast amazing individual and combined wealth. It is reported that both IU and Lee Jong-suk are enthusiastic about real-estate investments, and if the pair were to get married, their combined fortunes would stand at about $78.7 million US Dollars or ₩100 billion KRW.

IU's personal wealth is reportedly greater than boyfriend Lee Jong-suk's

IU: *SendingtextswithoutanyspacesIthinkthisislove*Jongsuk:

According to a report published in the South China Morning Post, IU was declared the richest female K-Pop star in 2021. She boasts an estimated personal wealth of about $40.3 million USD or ₩51.2 billion KRW.

Besides the income generated from her work as a K-pop idol, singer and actress, the My Mister star has made some very successful real-estate investments that have taken her net worth a notch higher.

The LILAC singer owns a luxury villa in Cheongdam-dong, which costs a whopping $10.2 million USD or ₩13.0 billion KRW. What is especially interesting about this acquisition is that the Palette singer paid for the luxury villa entirely in cash. She also purchased a studio in Gyeonggi-do worth $3.62 million USD or ₩4.60 billion KRW.

However, the studio wasn’t the only property she bought in Gyeonggi-do. She also purchased her second house Yangpyeong-gun in Gyeonggi-do which was bought at $1.73 million USD or ₩2.20 billion KRW. The Celebrity singer also purchased the adjacent land for $629,000 USD or ₩800 million KRW.

Lee Jong-suk, on the other hand, is one of the highest-earning actors in South Korea. In 2016, he bought an expensive house in Sinsa-dong, Seoul, and converted it into a two-storey cafe. He sold the property in 2020 for $4.68 million USD, earning a significant profit of $1.61 million USD.

In 2015, the Big Mouth actor bought a grandiose villa at La Terrasse Hannam in Hannam-dong for $3.38 million USD or ₩4.30 billion KRW. Meanwhile, in 2021, he purchased a new house in Nine One Hannam, which he purchased for a whopping $5.74 million USD or ₩7.30 billion KRW. He paid for this property entirely in cash.

Based on the data, it can be safely concluded that the Celebrity singer boasts greater personal wealth as compared to her partner Lee Jong-suk.

Lee Jong-suk pens a heartfelt letter on New Year’s Day

#LeeJongSuk heartfelt letter to his fans following the dating news with #IU 🤍 “she is an amazing person that is mature but also makes me want to protect her. and now she makes me want to be a better person.”THE WAY HE DESCRIBED HER IN THIS LETTER 😭🤍

Lee Jong-suk has not shied away from praising his girlfriend IU on any public forum, whether directly or indirectly.

When the actor bagged a Daesang for his drama Big Mouth at the 2022 MBC Drama Awards, he thanked a “special person in his life” during his acceptance speech. He also confessed that he has liked this person for a long time and respects them a lot. At the time, fans had no idea he was alluding to the Broker actress.

Shortly after this, Korean media outlet Dispatch reported that IU and Lee Jong-suk were currently in a relationship. After a brief period of silence, their respective agencies confirmed the dating rumors to be true.

The pair penned sweet and heartfelt letters to their fans expressing their love for each other on New Year’s. Lee Jong-suk compared her to Kang Dan-i, the female protagonist of the 2019 romantic drama Romance is a Bonus Book starring Lee Jong-suk and Lee Na-young in lead roles.

The actor confessed that she was always special to him, and the transition from being friends to lovers was a smooth and fulfilling one.

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