Lee Jong-suk compares his girlfriend IU to his on-screen crush Kang Dan-i from Romance is a Bonus Book

Lee Jong-suk compares IU to Kang Dani-i in a fan letter (Image via Twitter/@iconickdramas)
Lee Jong-suk compares IU to Kang Dani-i in a fan letter (Image via Twitter/@iconickdramas)

On January 1, Lee Jong-suk dedicated a heartwarming letter to his fans on the occasion of the New Year. In the letter, he personally confirmed his relationship with singer and actress IU and thanked fans for the support they've shown in his career and new relationship. This was his first statement post the revelation of his relationship with IU.

The Hallyu star compared his girlfriend IU to his on-screen crush Kang Dani-i, played by actress Lee Na-young, from the 2019 drama Romance is a Bonus Book. It was the Big Mouth star's last drama before he enlisted for mandatory military service.

On December 31, as per their famous New Year tradition, the Korean media outlet Dispatch disclosed the romantic relationship between actor Lee Jong-suk and singer-actress IU. Shortly after this, their respective agencies confirmed that they were indeed dating.

Lee Jong-suk gushes over his girlfriend IU confirming his relationship with her

Lee Jong-suk started his letter by apologizing to fans for the sudden announcement of his relationship. He revealed they first met in their early twenties, and he developed a crush on the Palette singer while they jointly hosted SBS’ Inkigayo together.

The actor further revealed that the crush grew into a mutual attraction between them soon after, although he was bummed that this did not lead anywhere. The duo apparently remained friends for a long time before this matured into a romantic relationship.

He further explained that while he was doing his own thing in life, a big part of his heart belonged to IU, and she was Kang Dan-i to him. For those unversed, Kang Dan-i was the name of the female protagonist in the 2019 K-drama Romance is a Bonus Book starring Lee Jong-suk and Lee Na-young.

Romance is a Bonus Book centres around Kang Dan-i (Lee Na-young), who is a single mother trying to re-enter the professional world. She reunites with her friend Cha Eun-ho (Lee Jong-suk), who is a successful author and chief editor at a book publishing company.

The story follows the duo’s journey from being friends to lovers, similar to Lee Jong-suk and IU’s journey. Coincidentally, actress Lee Na-young was his real-life crush, which he had admitted to at the drama's press conference.

He further explained that, as friends, they were always there for each other, sharing problems and bickering with each other. He felt comfortable with IU and could rely on her like a noona (older sister figure), and despite her maturity, it made him want to protect her.

The actor concluded by saying that IU is a wonderful person who makes him want to become a better man. Lee Jong-suk also hoped he had done a good job in introducing her to his fans and apologized yet again for having it done this way. He wished fans a Happy New Year in the final lines of the letter.

Fans react to the actor's wholesome letter for girlfriend IU

The Hallyu star's fans took to social media to react to his wholesome letter dedicated to his girlfriend IU. They loved how he compared her to Kang Dan-i from Romance is a Bonus Book, the actor’s first-ever romantic-comedy drama.

They also reiterated that, just like in the drama, their relationship progressed from friendship to love in real life too, following the popular “friends to lovers K-drama trope.”

Fans are also eager to see them appear together in a romantic K-drama and are hoping producers sign them soon.

IU penned a letter to her fans as well describing Lee Jong-suk as a sweet and reliable person who always encourages and supports her in her endeavors. She apologized to fans for letting them find out via the media and wished UAENAs a Happy New Year as well.

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