Dispatch reveals Lee Jong-suk and IU are reportedly dating

Featuring Lee Jong-suk and IU (Image via jongsuk0206 and dlwlrma Instagram)
Featuring Lee Jong-suk and IU (Image via @jongsuk0206 and @dlwlrma/Instagram)

On December 31, Dispatch revealed that popular Korean celebrities Lee Jong-suk and IU have been dating for four months through an Instagram post. The media outlet followed its tradition where it discloses a pair of top celebrities who are dating by the end of every year or at the beginning of the new year.

As per Dispatch's report, Lee Jong-suk and IU have been dating for four months now and have been spotted enjoying holidays in Japan. Furthermore, it has been reported that the latter was also seen taking care of the LILAC artist’s younger brother.

Fans have additionally speculated that Jong-suk mentioned IU in his Daesang speech at the 2022 MBC Drama Awards held yesterday, on December 30.

Lee Jong-suk and IU enjoyed their holidays in Nagoya, Japan, as per Dispatch’s recent report

Dispatch is famous for revealing top dating news regarding South Korean celebrities, and as usual, has kept a keen eye on the whereabouts of IU and Lee Jong-suk. The outlet reported that the duo were spotted together spending their winter holidays in Nagoya, Japan, for three days and two nights.

As per the report, the two celebrities were careful and alert about their appearance and took precautionary measures to avoid capturing the attention of the media.

However, Dispatch kept a keen watch and found out that the Big Mouth actor left for Osaka, Japan, on December 20, and IU traveled on December 24 to Nagoya. The couple’s final destination was a luxury resort, Amannemu. Following Lee Jong-suk’s fan meeting, he went there and IU went to the same place with her younger brother.

Allegedly, Lee Jong-suk traveled to Japan without his manager and did not inform anyone. He himself booked the hotel and pick-up service to avoid any attention. The outlet also shared a timeline of his travel history, showcasing how he was traveling from one city to another -- Osaka on December 20, Tokyo on December 23, Nagoya on December 24, Tokyo on December 26, and Seoul on December 27.

Jong-suk also took care of IU’s younger brother during his fan meeting tour and spent time with him. It has been reported that the couple's family have already accepted and acknowledged their relationship.

Earlier on October 4 this year, IU sang a congratulatory song to the actor's younger brother. At the wedding ceremony, she greeted hands with him and performed Meaning of You, lighting up the event.

At the end of their vacation, the two took the precautionary steps again and flew away separately. The Big Mouth actor flew out of Tokyo, meanwhile, and IU decided to travel back from Nagoya.

Dispatch also mentioned in its report that one of the latter's closest acquaintances told them that she and Lee Jong-suk have been dating for four months now, having a healthy influence on each other.

On December 30, the MBC Drama Awards were held at the MBC Media Center Public Hall in Sangnam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, to honor the achievements made by actors for the following year. Since Jong-suk was awarded Daesang for his drama Big Mouth, it has been speculated by fans that the actor mentioned IU in his speech.

The actor stated:

“But at that time, there was someone who helped me to find a good direction as a human being and to think positive thoughts. There’s something I really wanted to say about that person using this opportunity."

He further added:

"I want to tell that person that I’m thankful to them for always being so admirable, that I have liked them a lot for a very long time, and that I respect and admire them greatly.”

IU and Jong-suk’s agency confirms that they are dating

As soon as Dispatch revealed its reports that the duo are dating, the actor's agency responded to the speculation.

IU’s agency EDAM Entertainment confirmed the dating report and stated:

“Lee Jong-suk and IU have been colleagues for a long time and recently their relationship developed into lovers. We are asking the fans to pay their warm attention towards the couple.”

Jong-suk's agency High Zium Studio confirmed the same and reported it through a press statement on December 31, writing:

“Lee Jong-suk and IU recently went from being close acquaintances to lovers, and they are now maintaining a serious relationship. Let's cheer them on so that they can continue their beautiful relationship.”

IU and Jong-suk first met in 2012 as the co-hosts of SBS’s music program Inkigayo and now, over a decade later, the two are confirmed to be dating, which has elated fans globally.

While Lee Jong-suk recently starred in K-Movie Decibel, IU is reportedly confirmed to star as the lead in the upcoming drama Life alongside Park Bo-gum.

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