Lee Je-hoon’s Taxi Driver 2 unveils new stills ahead of its premiere

Featuring Lee Je-hoon (Image via SBS)
Taxi Driver 2 featuring Lee Je-hoon (Image via SBS)

On Wednesday, January 25, SBS released new stills for Lee Je-hoon’s upcoming drama Taxi Driver season 2. The stills feature the actor with intense expressions and his new avatar.

The first season of Taxi Driver was partially based on real-life crime stories from South Korea. The series follows Kim Do-ki, a taxi driver, who embarks on a journey to avenge the victims and punish those who have hurt them for no reason.

Season two will further showcase the stories of the victims and how Taxi Driver, a secret organization, plans to punish the perpetrators. The drama features Le Je-hoon, Pyo Ye-jin, Kim Eui-sung, and others in important roles.

Lee Je-hoon is back with Taxi Driver season 2, carrying an intense expression in new still cuts

In the new still cuts, Lee Je-hoon is seen with a fierce gaze looking at someone as if he is about to hunt him down. The actor is seen wearing his trademark bomber jacket and signature short haircut in the first set of five still cuts. Meanwhile, in the final still, he is seen shirtless with long, bushy hair covering his eyes.

In the second still cut, he is wearing his iconic black sunglasses and brown jacket that he wore in the first season. In this still cut, he looks calm and collected. Meanwhile, in the third still, he is looking at someone as if he is going to punish them like he did in the previous season. This is because he is wearing the black gloves he wore in season one when punishing criminals.

In the fourth still, the character Kim Do-ki is sitting in his taxi wearing black sunglasses. It is safe to assume that he is on the way to punishing criminals as he did the previous season. Meanwhile, in the fifth still, he is seen in complete white attire, looking elsewhere.

Upcoming SBS drama #TaxiDriver2 still cuts#LeeJeHoon 📅 Feb 17(VIU original)

In the latest still cuts, the actor is seen with long bushy hair, completely different from the previous stills. His eyes speak thousands of words, and he’s drenched in sweat. The latter pictures give a glimpse of the stills that SBS released on January 16.

In those four stills, the actor was wearing a prison uniform, exercising in solitary confinement. Rather than wearing his trademark jacket and signature haircut, he showcased a distinguished aura that he didn’t have in season one.

SBS drama <#TaxiDriver2> #LeeJeHoon still cuts, broadcast on Feb 17.

Lee Je-hoon's new look in the newly released still cuts raises the anticipation of what has happened to him in the second season.

Lee Je-hoon will be playing the role of Kim Do-ki, who will punish criminals. Meanwhile, Pyo Ye-jin will play the role of a smart and intelligent hacker named Ahn Go-eun, and Kim Eui-sung will lead the taxi driver organization as Jang Sung-chul.

More about Lee Je-hoon

lee jehoon for allure korea

Lee Je-hoon isn’t just an actor but also a director. He recently directed a drama titled Unframed, showcasing different stories in different episodes. He is a well-known personality in the South Korean Entertainment industry and has starred in several dramas.

Lee Je-hoon is well-known for his realistic approach to drama. His most notable shows are Signal, Tomorrow With You, Where Stars Land, and Move To Heaven. He recently made a guest appearance in the hit drama One Dollar Lawyer.

Taxi Driver 2 is slated to premiere on February 17 at 10 pm KST. After the premiere, the series will release a new episode every Friday and Saturday.

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