Lee Jong-suk, SNSD’s YoonA & more participate in the official script reading session for Big Mouth 

Big Mouth cast members at the table read (Image via MBC Drama)
Big Mouth cast members at the table read (Image via MBC Drama)

Lee Jong-suk is officially returning to TV screens. MBC shared pictures from their official group script reading session for the upcoming drama Big Mouth.

Cast member Lee Jong-suk, who is all set to make his K-drama comeback, was present at the script reading. SNSD’s YoonA, Kim Joo-heon, Ok Ja-yeon, Yang Kyung-won, and Kwak Dong-yeon were also present at the script reading. Big Mouth’s creators Jang Young-chul and Jung Kyung-soon, director Oh Choong-hwan, and scriptwriter Kim Ha-ram were also present to aid the actors.

Big Mouth is a noir drama revolving around a third-rate lawyer who finds himself in the middle of a major murder conspiracy. This turns him into an overnight genius conman known as “Big Mouse.”

Now, to protect his family and loved ones, he must act as a whistleblower and expose a huge conspiracy among the privileged upper classes.

Lee Jong-suk, SNSD’s YoonA, and cast members show off their acting chops at the official table read for Big Mouth

Lee Jong-suk stars in the titular role of Park Chang-ho. He is a third-rate lawyer with only a ten percent success rate.

However, due to some interesting circumstances, he becomes an infamous conman called “Big Mouse.”

Lee Jong-suk, who marked his K-drama comeback with Big Mouth, showed off his amazing acting chops as he effortlessly sunk his teeth into the character and its changing emotions.

SNSD’s YoonA plays Lee Jong-suk’s wife in the drama. She plays a nurse Go Mi-ho, who is blessed with beauty and a confident personality.

When her husband is falsely accused of being a notorious conman, she jumps in to save him. This is the first time YoonA has been paired opposite Lee Jong-suk, and viewers can anticipate crackling chemistry between them.

Skilled actor Kim Joo-heon transforms into Choi Do-ha, the mayor of Gucheon. He is ambitious and realistic and will not stop for anything. Ok Ja-hyun portrays the role of Choi Do-ha’s wife Hyun Joo-hee, who is the director at Gucheon Hospital.

Furthermore, Yang Kyung-won plays Gong Ji-hoon, the CEO of media group Geukdong Ilbo. Finally, Kwak Dong-yeon will portray the role of Jerry, who is accused of three fraudulent crimes.

All the actors did a fantastic job imbibing the character’s energies into them as they worked hard at the script reading.

Lee Jong-suk is all set to star in The Witch: Part 2. The Other One

Before his big TV comeback, Lee Jong-suk is all set to star in The Witch: Part 2. The Other One, the sequel to The Witch.

Besides the Big Mouth star, the film stars Shin Si-ah, Park Eun-bin, Seo Eun-soo, Jin Goo, and Sung Yoo-bin in pivotal roles, with Kim Da-mi and Jo Min-soo reprising their roles from the previous installment of the franchise.

The film follows the story of a young girl (played by Shin Si-ah) who escapes a secret laboratory after being the lone survivor of an accident that leaves the lab in ruins. Different forces with their internal motives try to chase down the girl for their own selfish motives.

The Big Mouth star portrays the role of Jang, the real power of a superhuman group who wants the mysterious girl at all costs. The Witch: Part 2. The Other One hits theatres across Korea on June 15.

Big Mouth will premiere in July following the conclusion of MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama Doctor Lawyer.

The show has also been added to Disney Plus Korea’s lineup of dramas and will be available for streaming as well.

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