"Like idol like fan": BTS SUGA's fans come in solidarity and donate 10 million Won in honor of his military enlistment

Featuring Min Yoongi aka SUGA of BTS. (Image via Instagram/ @agustd)
Featuring Min Yoongi aka SUGA of BTS. (Image via Instagram/ @agustd)

BTS SUGA’s fans raised and donated 10 million KRW (approximately USD 7,473) to G Foundation in honor of the BTS member’s enlistment in the South Korean military on September 22, 2023. His fans donated to the international development cooperation NGO, G Foundation, under the name of Suga Supporters in support of SUGA, aka Min Yoongi’s healthy and peaceful completion of the mandatory military service.

G Foundation is a nonprofit organization that seeks to empower young people to become self-sufficient and navigate life. The organization was highly appreciative of the gift of 10 million KRW and stated,

“It is very meaningful that the fandom culture of supporting artists has led to support for young people who are struggling. We are grateful to Suga fans who have spread warmth to those in need as protection has ended,” said G Foundation, in a statement to Naver news.

After commencing basic military training on September 22, Yoongi will perform social work as part of his alternative military duty. In his final letter to his followers, posted on his Weverse early on September 22, 2023, Yoongi expressed gratitude to ARMY for helping him accomplish his musical ambitions. He promised to dutifully serve in the military until 2025 and return safely.

Fans trend #DreamWithSuga hashtags on Twitter in honor of BTS SUGA and promise to wait till his return in 2025 from the military

All of the fans across the world are aware of Suga’s hardships. Being raised in a home with few financial resources, when even food was rare, and working as a delivery boy to earn a few dollars, coupled with his efforts to help others via music and other generous donations to organizations, are not kept a secret.

This time, fans have also tried their best to trend the hashtag #DreamWithSuga on X (also known as Twitter) and raise money to help teenagers and youth who are fighting against depression and other mental illnesses.

Following BTS’ donation of USD 750,000 (1 billion won) to UNICEF on September 20, 2023, when their contract with HYBE was renewed for a second time, ARMYs from all around the globe made a second donation on September 21, 2023, to match that amount.

In less than 24 hours, fans raised USD 219,000 and gave it to UNICEF as part of their For Every Child campaign. BTS ARMY is still collecting contributions to reach the USD 750,000 target.

ARMY has always been known as the fandom that makes huge donations worldwide in the name of BTS and its seven members. One of the most significant donations by the fandom was USD 1 million towards Black Lives Matter in 2020, matching BTS’ donation of the same amount to the same cause.

The Somebody Does Love rapper and songwriter is hailed for his resilience in the face of adversity. Fans of SUGA are aware of his arduous recovery process following a bike accident that left him with a badly dislocated left shoulder when he was working as a delivery boy. For more than five years, the rapper kept his shoulder ailment from his agency a secret to avoid being fired from BTS.

This is evidence of the musician’s constant dedication to producing high-caliber songs. His fans are equally familiar with his tendency to pull musical inspiration from his life experiences. This was also evident in his track AMYGDALA from his latest solo album, D-DAY.

BTS ARMY's hilarious yet heartwarming response to SUGA’s military enlistment has left the internet in split

On September 22, 2023, BTS Min Yoongi, aka SUGA, enlisted for mandatory military service in South Korea for a mandated period of 18 months. When the Haegum rapper-songwriter announced terminating his military enlistment postponement on August 7, 2023, the Bangtan world was ablaze as fans went hysteric and emotional to watch another BTS member leave for almost two years.

However, the same fandom is also famous for its humorous take whenever things get heart-wrenching in the BTS and ARMY realm. This time, fans took to X to express their hilarious takes on Yoongi’s enlistment.

BTS’ Min Yoongi has also persisted in exerting positive effects, providing donations to children in need and supporting the rehabilitation efforts following forest fires that have damaged property in Turkey and Syria.

In addition, BigHit Music stated that no formal activities will take place on the rapper’s enlistment day or when he reports to the training camp. Additionally, they requested that fans refrain from paying the idol a visit to his workplace.

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