OMEGA X members threatened to cough up $300k unpaid fees to SPIRE Entertainment by ex-CEO

OMEGA X members reveal they were forced to perform by ex CEO, despite COVID diagnosis (Image via Twitter/@omegax_pic))
OMEGA X members reveal they were forced to perform by ex CEO, despite COVID diagnosis (Image via Twitter/@omegax_pic))

In a new development in OMEGA X versus SPIRE Entertainment, SBS News released an interview with OMEGA X members where they spoke about the extent of the abuse they have endured at the hands of the CEO.

SBS News reported that SPIRE Entertainment recently sent a bill statement to 10 out of the 11 members of the group, claiming they owe $300,000 in unpaid fees to SPIRE Entertainment, which roughly equals ₩ 400 million.

Prior to that, OMEGA X members launched a new group Instagram account where they released their first official statement confirming that they indeed faced physical and verbal abuse at the hands of their CEO, which has left them hurt and shaken, but they decided to endure and emerge stronger for the sake of their fans.

OMEGA X revealed that ex-CEO Kang forced them to perform despite testing positive for COVID 19

On November 11, SBS News, which has been spearheading the OMEGA X versus SPIRE Entertainment media trial so far, interviewed certain members of the group, wherein they revealed that they faced verbal and physical abuse in Los Angeles because the members did not sufficiently thank the CEO and the company at their concert.

The former CEO also created a ruckus outside OMEGA X’s hotel rooms, cursing and causing commotion to the extent that locals and hotel employees had to break up the fight. Not only that, viral chats released by SBS News revealed that OMEGA X members were forced to perform on stage when four out of twelve members were diagnosed with COVID-19.

The members revealed that they begged their former CEO that they had a high fever and were severely unwell, but then-CEO Kang and her husband, Chairman Hwang, didn’t pay heed to their concerns and accused them of having no will to perform, and instead ordered them to perform on stage.

“Pull yourself together. Arm yourself with mental spirit.”

They also revealed that Kang was on a power trip most of the time with the boy group's members, citing an incident when she forced them to abort their performance halfway and console her because she had lost her father the night before.

Even Chairman Hwang sent abusive messages to the group members, threatening them with dire consequences if they disobeyed.

A new round of reports about OMEGA X members’ abuse and torture has sent shockwaves among K-pop fans, who have taken to social media to react to the news reports.

In one instance, CEO Kang threatened member Kim Jae-han and their manager to get off the plane, intimidating them and threatening to sue the members if they didn't listen to her.

Reportedly, four members are receiving treatment for panic disorders, anxiety, trauma, and insomnia.

SPIRE Entertainment’s CEO avoids giving a proper statement in response to the allegations

In response to the VAMOS singers' statement, SPIRE Entertainment revealed that the company has officially apologized, and Kang has also voluntarily resigned and taken complete responsibility for her actions.

However, when questioned if she had indeed resigned from her position, former CEO Kang excused herself, revealing that she was in the hospital and was very sick, and she requested that the SBS News reporter contact her later.

At the time of publishing the article, CEO Kang, Chairman Hwang, and SPIRE Entertainment have not commented on allegations that they forced the members to perform during their COVID-19 diagnosis.

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