“Our unreleased Taekook subunit”: BTS fans demand an official collab as Taehyung grooves to Jungkook’s 3D on Weverse live

BTS' Taehyung sings 3D on Weverse live showing support for Jungkook (Image via Twitter/@R_taekook22)

BTS fans are demanding Taekook, a portmanteau of Taehyung and Jungkook, form an official subunit, all thanks to their solid friendship and bond with each other. On October 6, Taehyung hosted a short Weverse live for ARMYs. While the duration of the Weverse live was brief, ARMYs loved the fact that he grooved to Jungkook’s song 3D.

ARMYs loved Taehyung spontaneously singing 3D on Weverse live and showing his support for his bandmate and Bangtan's maknae, Jungkook.

Taekook fans are loving the way BTS' two youngest members showcase love and support for each other's music on public platforms and are hoping that they officially collaborate to form a subunit.

An ARMY, who goes by the X handle @goovarbie, says, "Our unreleased Taekook Subunit we got Taehyung singing to 3D on LIVE!" accompanied by crying emoticons.

Taekook takes over worldwide trends on X as ARMYs anticipate a collaboration between Bangtan's two youngest members

Taehyung and Jungkook, also popularly known as Taekook, are not only two of the youngest members of BTS but also part of the group's vocal line, dance line, performance line, and visual line as well.

Taekook have been friends for over a decade now and have showcased their solid bond and brotherhood when they revealed in various interviews that they have been exchanging notes on their solo projects and listening to each other's musical creations.

However, non-fans would be surprised to know that, despite being friends and bandmates for over a decade now, Taekook have never officially collaborated with each other on any album, song, or project. After hearing the Slow Dancing singer croon 3D on his Weverse live, singing Jungkook's verses passionately and grooving to Jack Harlow's portions, fans are now hoping Taekook can make a record-breaking collaboration together, and their overwhelming reactions are proof of it.

In their past Weverse lives, Taehyung and Jungkook lavished praise on each other's solo ventures. When asked which song from Layover is his favorite, the GOLDEN singer responded by saying that the title track, Slow Dancing, is his favorite track.

Parallely, when asked which of Jungkook's hit singles is his favorite, Taehyung replied, stating that he loved both SEVEN and 3D, but since 3D is the most recent release, he picked the latter.

Additionally, ARMYs noticed that Taehyung ended his Weverse live just in the nick of time to let Jungkook release the "Solid" themed concept photos for his upcoming album, GOLDEN, and only then posted something on his Instagram, showcasing that Taehyung and Jungkook indeed share a rock-solid friendship with each other.

What are Taekook up to these days?

BTS' youngest members are currently busy with their solo endeavors. While Taehyung successfully wrapped up his promotional activities for his debut solo album Layover, making new domestic and international records in his debut venture itself.

The Love Me Again crooner will be reuniting with his cast members from the hit variety show Jinny's Kitchen for a fun-filled reunion day. The episode will air on October 12 at 8:40 pm KST on tvN.

On the other hand, Jungkook is riding high on the twin successes of his hit singles, SEVEN feat. American rapper Latto and Han So-hee and, more recently, 3D in collaboration with American rapper Jack Harlow.

Bangtan's makane recently announced the release of his debut solo album, GOLDEN, which is due to release on November 3, making him the seventh and final member to release his solo album. The maknae has planned an extensive round of promotional activities that include concept photos, teasers, tracklists, music videos, and appearances on international award shows.

Since GOLDEN is said to have 11 songs, including SEVEN and 3D, ARMYs are hoping BTS' two youngest members form a subunit on at least one track from the album.

BIG HIT MUSIC will notify ARMYs about Taehyung and Jungkook's future activities.

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