Petition to green-light MindHunter season 3 receives thousands of signatures

Fans are petitioning for Mindhunter season 3 (Image via Netflix)
Fans are petitioning for Mindhunter season 3 (Image via Netflix)

MindHunter season 3 has accumulated lots of love from fans, which is evident by the increasing number of signatures on the petition for a season 3 of the show. Fans have been circulating the petition while many viewers have penned pleas for the return of the show. Given that the two seasons of MindHunter made it one of the most popular shows on Netflix, the cancellation of the crime thriller came as a rude shock to viewers.

When director David Fincher announced the cancellation, he gave details about the reasons for the decision. He opened up about finances being one of the criteria, along with his own fatigue being a second reason. While hopes are still up about the revival of the show, there is no word from the makers or the director yet.

This article will explore if there is a possibility of the making of MindHunter season 3, with the petition garnering more and more signatures.

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Signatures on the MindHunter season 3 petition crosses the 70,000 count

The viral petition for a revival of one of the most popular shows on Netflix has received a huge response from fans. Almost 70,000 people have signed the petition that is doing rounds on various social media platforms with more willing to pen their initials.

The petition was started in February by Dawn Bruner, on a platform named, with a note on how the audience has enjoyed the two previous seasons. Further notes have been added by many fans making requests about the making of MindHunter season 3.

What can bring back MindHunter season 3?

The petition, which addresses Fincher, praises the director’s work, his eye for detail and brilliant presentation. It further speaks about the demand for the show and its potential to be one of the greatest shows on Netflix:

"Please don’t let such a brilliant series die because we know, without doubt, this show/series has the potential to be Netflix most successful and popular ever.”

Moreover, Asif Kapadia, director for two episodes of MindHunter season 1 has urged fans to make enough noise to make a revival possible. While some critics believe that the petition would need a million signatures to catch the makers’ attention, some others believe that Hollywood executives do not pay any attention to petitions.

Most petitioners hope that the show will be taken up by other networks or streaming platforms that may consider funding it. The petition has asked Fincher to try to make time for the show or get some other director assigned to it.

While it may be some time before further news on MindHunter season 3 is out, seasons 1 and 2 are available for streaming on Netflix.

Why was MindHunter season 3 canceled?

The news about the cancellation came from director David Fincher during his interview with the French newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche. He said that the show proved expensive for Netflix as it didn’t attract as many eyeballs as the making had cost them.

He also told Vulture in another interview that the 90-hour work-week left him exhausted after season 2 of the show. He complained about having everything absorbed from his life, concluding that he didn’t have the power to go for MindHunter season 3.

What was MindHunter all about?

MindHunter was a Netflix series based on true crimes, which followed three fictional FBI agents – Wendy Carr, Bill Tench and Holden Ford – as they go about solving the biggest US crimes using their criminal profiling skills.

The first season of the show aired on Netflix in October 2017 and covered crimes that happened between 1977 and 1981. Following a successful run, the show came out with a second season in August 2019, covering the Atlanta murders (among other crimes) of 1979-1981. The show focused on the early stages of psychological profiling of criminals.

While Netflix had announced in January 2020 that MindHunter season 3 was on indefinite hold as director Fincher had other projects on hand, Fincher confirmed on February 2023 that the show was officially closed.

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