Showtime gives refund for Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul fight, claims fight was "not up to standards"

Showtime gives full refund to customers who viewed the Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul fight on June 6th (Image via Instagram)
Showtime gives full refund to customers who viewed the Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul fight on June 6th (Image via Instagram)

On June 10th, customers in the US who paid $49.99 to see Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul's boxing match were offered a refund by Showtime. Though many did not even request one, fans were happy to be provided with options.

Fans in the US streamed the fight through Showtime PPV and Fanmio for $49.99. The boxing match between professional boxer Floyd Mayweather and YouTube star Logan Paul took place at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, FL. The two fought eight rounds, with no official winner. Thousands were there in person, and have recently exposed the event for overcharging customers for terrible seats.

Fans refunded for Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul fight

Just four days after the big fight between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul, fans took to Twitter to discuss an email they received from Showtime, a television network that aired the fight for $49.99 on PPV.

According to the email, fans were being refunded due to the fight being underwhelming for most fans.

"The experience was not up to our standards, and accordingly we will be issuing a full refund for your Pay-Per-View purchase."

This email came into each customer's inbox two days after a TikToker allegedly exposed the fight for not only being "boring", but charging $750 for a seat extremely far from the ring and jumbotron.

Screenshot of a Twitter user
Screenshot of a Twitter user's email from Showtime (Image via Twitter)

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Fans troll the event for being a "flop"

While people were rejoicing over getting their money back, others expressed their frustration towards the event, calling it a failure.

To add, many fans were speculating that the event did so poorly and received a multitude of complaints, therefore igniting a mass refund from Showtime.

Many even went as far as to praise Showtime for giving fans back their money and taking accountability; something that Triller, a production company who once backed Jake Paul's fight, would never do.

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Fans were ultimately pleased with Showtime's decision to send a refund to customers for the fight, proving that viewers of the Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul event were not the only ones who found it boring and anticlimactic.

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