“Since then, till now”: SEVENTEEN’s Japanese track Ima-Even If the World Ends Tomorrow MV leaves fans emotional

SEVENTEEN releases their Even If The World Ends Tomorrow MV (Image via Twitter/itseverywonwoo)
SEVENTEEN releases their Even If The World Ends Tomorrow MV (Image via Twitter/itseverywonwoo)

K-pop group SEVENTEEN returned to the music scene with a bang through their Japanese song Ima - Even if the World Ends Tomorrow. This poignant track is a part of SEVENTEEN's Japanese album ALWAYS YOURS, released on August 23, 2023. The song's accompanying music video release on YouTube quickly captured the hearts of fans with its touching lyrics and meaning.

The song's lyrics impart a valuable lesson about cherishing the present rather than succumbing to worries about the future, even if the world's end is near.

SEVENTEEN releases their new Japanese song Ima-Even If The World Ends Tomorrow's music video

The date, August 23, 2023, etched an everlasting mark as SEVENTEEN's Japanese album, ALWAYS YOURS, finally made its debut. Fans have eagerly awaited this release since its announcement.

This album showcases the Japanese versions of 27 of SEVENTEEN's previously released songs divided into two discs. Two fresh tracks were also incorporated, with one of them, Ima - Even if the World Ends Tomorrow, receiving a music video release on the same day of the album's release.


The term "Ima" means "now" in Japanese, thus adding a layer of significance to the song's title. The latter part of the title, "Even if the World Ends Tomorrow," encapsulates the idea that in a scenario where the world and all its facets might fade away the next day, what remains is the present moment, symbolized by "Ima."

The song's lyrical composition was skillfully crafted by member Woozi, renowned for contributing to the creation of most of the group's songs.

The music video unfolds with a glimpse of every member confused in chaos as fire rages and people run away to save their lives from an ending world. Despite the chaos, the song opens on an uplifting note, setting the tone for a melody that is catchy and elevating rather than somber, sad, and weighty.

A subsequent scene captures the members joyfully blowing soap bubbles, providing a striking contrast to the tragic visuals of people fleeing from fires and some succumbing to flames. This juxtaposition is a recurring theme throughout the video, switching between the coexistence of happiness and sorrow, making for a commendable artistic approach.

In one of the scenes, Woozi is portrayed running amidst flames. But as he dashes forward, the scene seamlessly transitions into a bright and secure world, creating a visually striking contrast and offering justice to the song's meaning.

Later, a scene showcases a rescue camp where Mingyu takes charge, offering guidance to bewildered individuals while facing his own confusion. Dokyeom is seen seated with his head bowed and his arms tightly holding both his legs close to his stomach at the rescue camp.

However, he rises and approaches a wall full of sticky notes bearing messages of hope from families. This moment captures both depth and optimism, echoing the sentiment that no matter what the future holds, the members continue to revel in the moment.

"Shivers": Fans rejoice as the latest MV of SEVENTEEN's Japanese album releases

The music video serves as a reminder to embrace joy in challenging times. The visual is a blend of beauty and poignancy, serving as a beacon of positivity even in an apocalypse. The song radiates positivity despite its themes of potential catastrophe.

Fans were awe-struck by the video's beauty and the song's depth, showering the members of SEVENTEEN with appreciation and admiration. This release also prompted fans to reaffirm their faith and trust in the group, reinforcing the sentiment that their devotion towards all 13 members would remain steadfast even if the world were to end tomorrow. Here are some of the reactions:

As SEVENTEEN's latest Japanese album marks the release of 27 of their existing songs in the Japanese language, some of their most renowned songs got converted into Japanese, too. Some of those songs are HOME;RUN, Rock With You, All My Love, Oh My!, Fallin' Flower, Call Call Call, and Pinwheel.

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