"Teresa is delusional": RHONJ fans slam Teresa after she blames Joe Gorga for fights with ex-husband Joe Giudice

Teresa blames Joe Gorga for fights with Joe Giudice on RHONJ
Teresa blames Joe Gorga for fights with Joe Giudice on RHONJ (Image via Instagram/teresagiudice,joeygorga,joe.giudice)

The Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHONJ) season 13 aired a brand new episode on Tuesday, May 9, 2023, at 9 pm ET on Bravo. It featured the cast members spending time with each other, while also navigating personal dynamics, strained friendships and relationships, as well as family drama. Viewers witnessed a lot of heated arguments and confrontations throughout the episode.

On this week's episode of RHONJ, Teresa and Luis discussed their issues with Joe and Melissa Gorga. Teresa was upset that her sister-in-law decided to skip the rehearsal dinner. Luis was visibly upset as he expressed his frustrations with the family. He also was advised by Teresa's ex-husband Joe Giudice to stay away from Joe Gorga.

Teresa proceeded to reveal that the only time she and Giudice fought was because of Joe Gorga. Fans, however, disagreed with the couple's conversation and slammed Teresa for putting the blame on her brother. One tweeted:

The hit Bravo series has received a fair share of love and criticism over the past few years that it has been on air. Cast members of season 13 include OG housewives Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga, Jennifer Aydin, Dolores Catania and Margaret Josephs.

They were accompanied by newcomers Danielle Cabral and Rachel Fuda. Former cast member Jackie Goldschneider joined the housewives as a "friend" alongside newbie Jennifer Fressler.

Teresa and Luis discuss issues with the Gorgas on RHONJ

Tonight's episode of RHONJ saw the cast members navigating their personal lives. Margaret received a visit from her mother, fellow castmate Jennifer Fressler and her mother and twin sister. Meanwhile, newcomer Danielle was busy talking about her dynamics with her estranger brother.

The official synopsis of the episode, titled Rat in the Street, reads:

"The Catanias go out for a celebratory family dinner, with Paul and Brittany included; Frank continues to poke at Paul as Paul hints there may be more than just one wedding in the group's near future; Rachel and John share big news with Jaiden."

The RHONJ episode saw Teresa and Luis discussing their rehearsal dinner. The former updated her now-husband about her surprise bridal shower when he asked how her situation was with Melissa. Teresa then revealed that her sister-in-law declined to be in the rehearsal dinner.

Luis was frustrated and refused to read more text messages between the two ladies. Teresa expressed that she and her brother Joe Gorga always had disagreements because his wife Melissa was "always in his ears." Luis, for his part, noted that the Gorgas always put the blame on them.

In a confessional on RHONJ, Teresa revealed that her ex-husband Joe Giudice had adivsed her now-husband to stay away from Joe Gorga and not let the latter interfere with the family anymore. She further noted:

"The only time Joe (Giudice) and I used to fight was because of my brother."

Teresa and Luis proceeded to discuss their impending tensions with the Gorgas. Luis believed that Joe Gorga would have an issue with any man that Teresa might be with. The latter expressed how she wanted to hold on to her brother seeing her now-husband's relationship with his sisters, but only ended up getting hurt.

Fans disagree with Teresa and Luis' conversation on RHONJ

Fans took to social media to disagree with Teresa's statement that Joe Gorga was to be blamed for her and ex-husband Joe Giudice's fights. Check it out.

Fans continued to thow shade at Teresa for her comments. They also slammed her for lying about past events in the family, hinting at her and Giudice going to prison. Check it out.

Season 13 of RHONJ has been an extremely intense watch so far. As the installment nears its close, the cast will get into more complicated dynamics that is set to bring in more chaos and confrontations. Viewers will have to wait and see how it all pans out.

Don't forget to tune in to a brand new episode of RHONJ next Tuesday, May ,16 2023, at 8 pm ET on Bravo.

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