"That was excellent": Divyansh and Manuraj's performance on AGT: All-Stars finds a place in American audience's hearts

Divyansh and Manuraj deliver an impressive performance in AGT: All-Stars
Divyansh and Manuraj deliver an impressive performance in AGT: All-Stars (Image via dvk.thebeatboxer/Instagram)

America's Got Talent (AGT)'s spin-off AGT: All-Stars aired a brand new episode on Monday, January 9, 2023, at 8 pm ET on NBC. The one-hour episode featured the second set of 10 former contestants from all over the world, across several Got Talent franchises.

These contestants are now competing against each other to stand a chance to win the coveted title and the grand cash prize of $1 million. Viewers witnessed a lot of talent throughout the course of the episode.

On this week's episode of AGT: All-Stars, India's Got Talent winners Divyansh and Manuraj impressed the audience and judges with their beatboxing and flute skills, earning a standing ovation. The performance also found a place with the American audience. Fans loved the performance and one tweeted:

Divyansh & Manuraj set the bar extremely high tonight! That was excellent! #AGTAllStars

Each week of the hit series will feature 10 former contestants trying to impress judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel for a shot at winning the competition. The contestants include former winners, finalists, individuals and groups who delivered memorable performances on stage earlier.

Divyansh and Manuraj deliver an impressive performance AGT: All-Stars

Tonight's episode of AGT: All-Stars saw the judges and audience get ready for a night of witnessing talent from all over the world. Ahead of the show, Simon announced that the artists performing tonight have come from across the Got Talent franchises and that they would be nervous. Host Terry Crews announced that he would be pressing the Golden Buzzer to advance one act forward.

The first act on the show was by India's Got Talent season 9 winners Divyansh and Manuraj. The beatboxer-flautist duo, who got together ahead of the show in India, received the Golden Buzzer from the judges and went on to win the season. As they appeared on the AGT: All-Stars stage, the judges and the audience were already intrigued.

The duo introduced themselves and proceeded to tell their story. Divyansh was a professional volleyball player and Manuraj was a software engineer before their stint on India's Got Talent.

Meeting each other was fate as both their original partners for the show didn't make it to the audition for the Indian franchise. The pair met each other while practicing their skills outside.


The AGT: All-Stars contestants reflected on their journey together before their audition. They confessed to being poles apart, but what kept them going together was their mutual love for music.

After winning India's Got Talent, the duo revealed their lives "turned upside down," as they got busy being recognized by the audience as well as offered to do the background score for a big Bollywood movie.

In a confessional, Divyansh said:

"India's Got Talent was really amazing, but AGT: All-Stars..I think it's the biggest show in the world. To be here and to compete against other winners and other amazing artists...we're just really nervous to be honest...But we are representing our country and our Indian culture..We have a global sound and everyone resonates with it."

For their AGT: All-Stars audition, the contestant-duo gave their own spin on Believer by Imagine Dragons. The unusual mixture of flute and beatboxing mesmerized the audience as well as the judges, who gave Divyansh and Manuraj a standing ovation.

Simon confessed that their performance was very unexpected, while Heidi called it "Bollywood meets Brooklyn." The judge further said that she hadn't seen Howie that excited before. They felt that the audition was "unusual and cool," and Howie said that the duo got their audition viral in America as the audience was going to love them.

Fans applaud Divyansh and Manuraj's performance on AGT: All-Stars

Fans took to social media to applaud the duo for their audition. They felt that it was an unusual act and that they loved watching something new on the show. Check out what they have to say.

So many things had to happen in order for these two to have been where they are. Damn imagine if their partners didn't bail on them. #AGT #AGTAllStars
This is really unique I like it #AGTALLSTARS
WAIT i can see why they won India’s Got Talent[#AGTAllStars]
Wow I am enjoying their beatboxing performance, It was amazing #AGTAllStars.
I can see why they won India's Got Talent. Dunno if they'd win in the main show tho, or dunno if they'll go through. Gotta wait and see. #AGT #AGTAllStars
ayyyeeeee that was FIRE!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #AGTAllStars
Divyansh & Manuraj SLAY on their own -- with the right vocalist for Eurovision Asia, they would be OTHERWORLDLY -- great opener (but will the "Superfans" appreciate it enough by the END of the night?) #AGTAllStars
I must admit I wasn’t familiar with @dvkthebeatboxer & @Manurajflute before this, but WOW, what a performance. You can see why they won India’s Got Talent, and I look forward to hearing more! #AGTAllStars @AGT
@AGT @dvkthebeatboxer Wow! That was unexpected and fun! #AGTAllStars
Love the flute and beat boxing!! Very original!! ❤️ #AGTAllStars
I loved that flute-playing and beat-boxing combination. #AGTAllStars

AGT: All-Stars is getting interesting with each passing episode. As the season progresses, viewers will witness more talented contestants taking to the stage and delivering incredible performances. Audiences will have to stay tuned to find out what's more in store for them this season.

Don't forget to tune in to a brand new episode next Monday, January 16, 2023, at 8 pm ET on NBC.

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