“That is nasty”: Project Runway fans slam designers as they criticize Anna Yinan Zhou over judges’ decision of Top 3

Anna Yinan Zhou working on red fabric challenge on Project Runway
Anna Yinan Zhou working on red fabric challenge on Project Runway (Image via Bravo)

Project Runway season 20 aired a new episode of the All-Stars edition on Thursday, featuring 11 designers with a difficult challenge. They each had to divide their runway look’s cloth from a single bolt of red fabric. While all the contestants gave their best shot, Anna Yinan Zhou received a lot of flak from her fellow designers after judges named her in the Top 3.

Last week’s challenge winner Korto Momolu criticized Anna because she felt the latter’s design was repetitive. Fans didn’t appreciate Korto’s attack on Anna as it was not her fault but the judges’ decision.

Anna was in the Top 3 for the red fabric challenge in Project Runway season 20 episode 5 alongside Brittany Allen and Kara Saun. Judges announced Brittany as the winner of the challenge in the latest episode.

Fans are disappointed with contestants for their bullying behavior towards Anna

In Project Runway All-Stars season 20 episode 5, Anna Yinan Zhou (season 19) became one of the top 3 contenders, leaving everyone in shock.

Since Anna started working on her design for the latest challenge, many designers pointed out that she was repeating her last week’s look that included ruffles. Even Anna thought that she might be eliminated because of her design but judges felt that the look was incredible.

The decision led to negativity towards Anna. Her fellow designers, especially Korto Momolu, slammed Anna and questioned why she deserved a place in the Top 3. Korto’s behavior didn’t sit well with viewers as they labeled it “bullying.”

Take a look at fans’ reactions:

Korto turned bitter after judges put Anna in the Top 3. A few other designers too were upset with the decision.

Korto said:

“This is Groundhog’s day. She makes the same exact look and she’s in the top?”

Anna could feel a negative energy around her but Brittany Allen stood in support of her. Bishme Cromartie, who initially criticized Anna, later supported her as he realized that ruffles might be Anna’s signature. However, Korto seemed annoyed still.

Eventually, designers shrugged off their bitterness as Brittany was announced the winner of the red fabric challenge.

Hester Sunshine was eliminated in Project Runway season 20 episode 5

In Project Runway season 20 episode 5, the designers included Laurence Basse (season 15), Johnathan "Kayne" Gillaspie (season 3), Korto Momolu (season 5), Brittany Allen (season 18), Kara Saun (season 1), Prajjé Oscar Jean-Baptiste (season 19), Rami Kashou (season 4), Bishme Cromartie (season 17), Hester Sunshine (season 17), Anna Yinan Zhou (season 19), and Fabio Costa (season 10).

The contestants who were in the bottom three were Hester, Rami, and Fabio. The eliminated designer was Hester, who earlier struggled to work with the fabric in the workroom.

In her exit interview, she said:

“I think I still definitely deserve to be here. I don’t really know if being in the bottom one time for a fabric you’re not used to is grounds for elimination. I think at the end of the day it comes down to who can do what with what, and I couldn’t do anything with this and this is where I am now.”

Meanwhile, the remaining 10 contestants were advanced to the next episode. Hosted by Christian Siriano, the reality TV show features three judges — Brandon Maxwell, Nina Garcia, and Elaine Welteroth.

Project Runway season 20 airs a new episode every Thursday at 9.00 pm ET on Bravo and on Peacock the following day.

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