"That's too cute": Fans rejoice as Post Malone announces engagement and birth of daughter

Post Malone is now a father to a baby girl (Image via @postmalone/Instagram)
Post Malone is now a father to a baby girl (Image via @postmalone/Instagram)

Post Malone recently became father to a baby girl. The singer casually dropped the information about his personal life while appearing on The Howard Stern Show on Monday. The Sunflower singer revealed that he had become a father and was also engaged to his baby's mother.

The news surprised Malone's fans, who began posting about the singer on social media, sharing their joy, and sending happy wishes to him. One fan posted:

"Post Malone with a baby girl ??? brb crying that’s too cute"

Fans excited about new developments in Post Malone's life

Fans of the singer took to Twitter to share their excitement upon hearing the news. They congratulated the singer on getting engaged and welcoming their first baby.

Congrats Posty on your new baby girl! ... and your engagement... and your album... and your tour. Love, Jimothy #nowtheyalwayssaycongratulations @PostMalone
post malone with a baby girl ??? brb crying that’s too cute
OMG @PostMalone congratulations on you’re baby and becoming a husband I hope the best for you I love you posty!
In another note @PostMalone just had his baby daughter 🥲
Congratulations to, @PostMalone on having his baby girl! 💕 #PostMalone
@PostMalone_Fans Congratulations on your new baby girl !
@AppleMusic @PostMalone @DojaCat He now has his Baby Princess and announced his engagement !I wish all things great for you.You'll always be myManBaby!
@thee_n8_mlndz @Postychart @PostMalone I heard about this earlier on here and I also heard he is engaged and getting married also I think it's great and I happy for Posty and Jamie and Baby Post 🍼👶

Many even shared their own experiences of having a daughter and said they were excited to see how these new developments affect the artist. They also applauded the rapper for trying to safeguard his child's identity.

@PostMalone I don't even know you or listen to your music but I'm happy for the birth of your new baby girl. Having a little girl will change you as a man forever. It will make you more gentle, it will make you believe in magic again as she will and you will live in her dreams.
@PostMalone Just wants his month old baby girl to live her own life. Legend… dont even tell ppl u gunna have a baby till its born.
@PostMalone Congratulations Dad!! I cannot wait to see what an incredible father you're going to be! I can only imagine the amount of dancing you'll be doing with your baby girl 💜

Some also shared their bewilderment at the news, confessing that they didn't know Post Malone had a girlfriend.

@PopBase @PostMalone wait - he has a gf? since when?!?!? and now a baby? what's going on
Am I the only one who didn’t know Post Malone is having a baby? AND has a girl friend?!

While some fans shared their eagerness to see the singer's baby, one user decided to make a meme regarding the singer's face tattoos.

I cannot wait to see pics of Post Malone's baby
I totally respect the privacy, but I would seriously love to see Post Malones baby.😭 how precious.
Exclusive first photo of #postmalone baby! So cute! #juicyscoop

Some even worried about the child's health, questioning Malone's smoking addiction. The singer has admitted to smoking almost forty cigarettes a day.

@PopBase @PostMalone Ok now he needs to quit smoking for his baby's Better life
@PopBase @PostMalone w the way he smoking he might hurt the baby

Media tabloid TMZ first covered news of the singer's pregnancy in May 2022. They had posted that Malone's girlfriend was pregnant with their first child.

Malone then shared his excitement by saying:

"I'm excited for this next chapter in my life, I'm the happiest I've ever been, and for since I could remember I was sad. Time to take care of my body and my family and friends, and spread as much love as we can every day."

Post Malone likes to keep his personal life private


The rapper was talking about his morning routine on the show when he informed that he woke up at 2 AM and kissed his "baby girl" before leaving the house. He said:

“[I woke up] at 2:30 in the afternoon. I went and I kissed my baby girl and then I went and I played some [music].”

A surprised Stern asked Post Malone if he was referring to his girlfriend, to which the singer replied by saying:

"Nah, that's my daughter."

The singer explained that he plans to keep the child's identity private until she decides to come out to the public. He said that he didn't want his stardom to affect her upbringing. He added:

"Yeah, I want to let her make her own decisions."

Stern then asked the status of the baby's mother by asking:

"Is she your girlfriend or your wife at this point?"

Malone shared that he was engaged to the mother and ready to be a husband. He shared:

"She's my fiancée."

However, the singer did not share any additional information about his daughter's name or age. He has always kept his personal life away from the media eye.

Sources had informed the tabloid that the couple was celebrating their pregnancy by throwing a private party for friends and family in Southern California.

As for the singer's girlfriend, she likes to stay private and away from the limelight.

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