"This is TikTok vomit": Meghan Trainor Mother song lyrics spark hilarious reactions online

Meghan Trainor
Meghan Trainor's new album (Image via Twitter/EMAlLSICANTSEND)

Meghan Trainor has dropped the teaser of a new single called Mother as part of her deluxe edition of the fifth studio album, Takin' It Back. The singer made the announcement on Monday, February 27, 2023.

The term 'mother' has become a part of the queer lexicon with its use being on a wide spectrum. It is mainly used as a term of endearment by the queer community for a female figure who is fierce, iconic, and talented. It is almost like 2023's answer to 'skinny legend', according to Pink News.

While some of the singer's fans are overjoyed about the new album and the single, others aren't as excited and have taken to social media to voice their opinions. Some netizens have even gone on to call the lyrics "TikTok vomit," while claiming that Trainor isn't 'mother.'

The Takin' It Back album covers songs with catchy lyrics, pop beats and Meghan Trainor's regular dose of self-love. The release date for this song hasn't been announced yet, but fans believe it will be a blast.

Netizens have varied reactions to Meghan Trainor's new song

After she made the announcement about the new album and the single, Meghan Trainor's fans were delighted to have a new album. However, not everyone was as happy with the lyrics of the single and some wondered if it was what the singer had called for.

After the announcement, Meghan's fanbase was split into three major debate groups. The first group was the people who love the new release. They have taken to social media to call her mother and are claiming that the song is an autobiography of the singer.

Meanwhile, the second group are those who are torn and frustrated by Trainor's use of 'mother' for herself or are generally unhappy with the song. They believe that the term is supposed to be assigned to different figures by the queer community.

However, the Made You Look singer, who seemingly uses it for herself in the song, has sparked some confusion. People have taken to Twitter to wonder who told Trainor that she was 'mother'.

Finally, the third group are the singer's fan base who wondering who the song is for. Much to the first group's surprise, a lot of listeners and music enthusiasts have responded to the song by commenting about who they think it is.

They are asking who the 'mother' in the song is, it isn't Trainor herself.

Some of the names thrown about in these conversations range from Jenna Ortega and Shakira to Ariana Grande, Emily Blunt, Rihanna, and Selena Gomez.

The new release samples the 1954 song Mr. Sandman by an American female vocal quartette, The Chordettes. Fans have seemed to enjoy poking fun at this, too.

Meghan Trainor starts #IAmYourMother campaign on YouTube

The Dear Future Husband singer shared a clip of her upcoming track on YouTube shorts. She danced alongside her husband Daryl Sabara and friend Chris Olsen in the music video teaser.

The song's lyrics are along the lines of:

“I am your mother/ You listen to me/ Stop all that mansplainin’/ No one’s listening/ Tell me who gave you permission to speak?/ I am your mother/ You listen to me.”

To help gain traction and create hype for her new release, Meghan Trainor is inviting fans to join along for the #IAmYourMother campaign on YouTube shorts. Fans have to make their own short videos using the original sound clip that Meghan Trainor posted.

She stated that she will “be keeping a close eye on what the fans are creating.”

Meghan Trainor's fans seemed excited to see what was in store for her and her album Takin' It Back.

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