“Welcome back Jang Ki-yong”: Fans react as the actor gets officially discharged from his military duty

Featuring Jang Ki-yong (Image via YG ENTERTAINMENT)
Featuring Jang Ki-yong (Image via YG ENTERTAINMENT)

Fans are ecstatic as the My Roommate is Gumiho actor Jang Ki-yong has been finally discharged from his mandatory military service on February 22, 2023.

The actor enlisted in the military on August 23, 2021, after wrapping up filming his latest drama Now, We Are Breaking Up alongside Song Hye-kyo. In South Korea, every able-bodied male citizen is required to enlist in mandatory military service for one or two years. The actor served as an on-duty soldier for eighteen months.

Fans were delighted after news of his discharge broke on the internet, with one user tweeting:

“Welcome back Jang Ki Yong”

Fans are overwhelmed as Jang Ki-yong updates them with an Instagram post after his discharge from the military

After being discharged from the military, actor Jang Ki-yong was wholeheartedly welcomed by his fans and the press. He received flowers and gifts and answered questions from the media while returning home in his car. While clad in his military uniform, the actor carefully took the presents from fans and showed his thankful gesture by bidding them goodbye with a final salute.

He also updated fans with his first Instagram post after 549 days--as pointed out by a fan--where he thanked them for their support, saying:

“Thanks to your support, I have learned a lot and came back healthy. I’ll be back with a good work soon. Salute/victory.”

Fans are also eager to find out more about the actor's schedule now that he's done with his service. They are happy to know that the actor is celebrating his military discharge with his family, as Jang Ki-yong’s brother, Jang Ki-beom, has uploaded pictures of the actor having dinner and celebrating by blowing candles.

It does not come as a surprise that fans are emotional about his return and are enthusiastically welcoming the actor. One emotional fan tweeted:

“I honestly didnt expect that kiyong discharge would receive such a strong reaction like this. theres a lot of engagements, news, even was trending here. everyone is eagerly awaiting his return i guess”

Another fan congratulated the actor for working so hard before finally returning to the industry and tweeted:

“Congratulations on your military discharge and WELCOME BACK JANG KI YONG!!. You worked so hard while serving inside and made everyone happy and proud. Looking forward to see you on your future projects as an actor again. We love you!”

Jang Ki-yong seemed thankful for his military colleagues and the time he spent during his tenure and conveyed a message to one of his commissioners, saying:

“Commissioner nim! thank you so much for treating me comfortably and sometimes charismatically during my time in the military! don't lose your charisma for the rest of your military life! i hope you stay healthy & cool,and i will cheer you from a far. i was happy”

It has also been confirmed by YG Entertainment that the idol has renewed his contract with the agency. The agency stated that they will continue to showcase their support for the actor and will do everything they can to make his return as an actor successful. As his companions and partners, the agency has promised to do their best.

More about Jang Ki-yong

Jang Ki-yong is one of the most prominent and respectable actors in the South Korean entertainment industry and has been active in the industry for over a decade. He has appeared in many dramas and movies showcasing a diverse range of skills through his acting.

He has been featured in dramas including The Boy Next Door, My Mister, Come and Hug Me, Search:WWW, and others. He last appeared in My Roommate is a Gumiho and Now, We are Breaking Up before enlisting in the military.

Jang Ki-yong is reportedly in talks to star as the lead in the upcoming fantasy and action drama Although I Am Not a Hero.

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