What did 50 Cent say about Ja Rule? Beef explored in wake of recent social media spat

50 Cent and Ja Rule had another beef on social media (Images via John Lamparski and Zak Krill/Getty Images)
50 Cent and Ja Rule had another beef on social media (Images via John Lamparski and Zak Krill/Getty Images)

50 Cent and Ja Rule recently targeted each other on social media following a performance by the latter at the BMI R&B/Hip Hop Awards on September 6, 2023. Videos from the event revealed that Ja was performing shirtless, and Cent used the opportunity to make fun of Ja. The rapper shared a clip of Ja's performance and wrote:

"Look at this sh*t head, is he supposed to be Jesus [grinnig face emoji]. WTF you can't make this sh*t up, LOL so stupid!"
The post shared by 50 Cent (Image via 50cent/Instagram)
The post shared by 50 Cent (Image via 50cent/Instagram)

Cent has previously made fun of another performance by Ja back in June this year. The duo has been rivals since 1999 when Ja was reportedly robbed by a member of Cent's G-Unit associates. They have also released a few songs over the years, targeting each other.

Ja Rule responds to 50 Cent's troll through social media

The Instagram post by 50 Cent, in which he mocked the performance of Ja Rule at an event, has already grabbed the attention of the internet. As a response, Rule posted a tweet on Thursday featuring a photo of Cent upside down. Rule wrote:

"We ain't forget – enjoy these criminal charges and lawsuit d*ckhead!"

Ja's post was deleted later. The comments section of Cent's post was also flooded with hilarious reactions. Others were simply enjoying the argument going on between the artists.

In April this year, Ja appeared for an interview with The Shade Room, claiming that things were not so bad between him and Cent as was being mentioned everywhere. In a teaser of the interview, Ja was heard asking the journalist what would happen if 50 Cent walked in.

The interviewer replied by saying nothing, and Ja said in response:

"Exactly! That's what the [censored audio] I'm saying. We don't have an issue. We don't have a problem."

50 Cent and Ja Rule's beef started many years ago

The problems between 50 Cent and Ja Rule started in 1999 when the latter's chain was robbed. Cent later claimed that Rule was hanging out with the culprit a few weeks after the incident, leading to a beef between the two.

The same year, Cent released a single titled Life's On the Line, which was targeted at Ja. Although Ja's name was not directly mentioned in the song, the lyrics made fun of his label's signature, Murda. It was followed by a brawl at an Atlanta nightclub, where Cent and Ja argued at first, but it later changed to a physical fight.

In another confrontation at the Hit Factory studios, Cent was stabbed, and Ja was arrested for the same. However, Murder Inc. rapper Black Child took credit for the stabbing.

Cent and Ja then released a mixtape titled No Mercy, No Fear, which reached the top of the US Billboard 100. Cent and Ja continued to release more singles over the years, targeting each other. In 2007, Ja also accused Cent of copying his style of music.


The duo met on a flight in 2013, but nothing happened between them. However, problems escalated again when 50 Cent performed Ja Rule's I Smell P*ssy during his set. The beef has continued until now, and both have been targeting each other by bringing up various topics.

Edited by Dev Sharma